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an indicator that announces which electrical circuit has been active (as on a telephone switchboard)

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The new unit maintains a number of features from the current DD-40NTS, such as a "universal" power supply capable of operation on either dc or ignition input voltage, as well as the ability to operate the annunciator logic module for an extended period on internal backup battery power.
DEPARTURE WARNING ALARM Senior Technologies' WanderGuard Pre-Alert remote annunciator sends a warning before a wanderer exits.
A Bluetooth status annunciator is located directly above the Bluetooth control button.
check] If installed, AP Annunciator on the optional remote Annunciator Panel or EFIS EADI will continue to illumin ate and to indicate AP is engaged.
During an alarm condition a front panel LED annunciator is enabled and an internal 2 Amp relay contact output is engaged.
Used in conjunction with the Digitize Remote Annunciator, Text-2-Cell instantly transmits alarm and response information to those people with a need to know, regardless of their locations.
The EVS product can be connected to Murphy's TTD[TM] annunciator, Centurion[TM] or Millennium[TM] controllers for increased functionality.
The annunciator panel should flash and sound if the hydraulic fluid drops below 6 1/2 gallons.
We offer many options from the WanderGuard product line, including WanderGuard locks, the Catch-All[TM] nonselective door alarm, the patented Pre-Alert[TM] remote annunciator and paging to help provide resident security throughout your facility while providing managed freedom for residents.
A 2400 BPS modem, 4800 BPS RS232 port, eight analog inputs with eight bit resolution, and digital I/O ports that pass through a Murphy digital annunciator make up the monitoring interface and communications gateways.
An analogy to an industrial process annunciator system is valid.
The system is compatible with the company's Aero55, a $300 device that can function as a dedicated display (and has an amber CO warning annunciator and LCD CO level readout).
On takeoff, the pilot noticed the fuel pump annunciator light flicker.
AMETEK Power Instruments says its new Panalarm Series 90A Annunciator will cause many people to rethink their Alarm Management Strategy.
It is a good idea to walk the facility and check for any blind areas in which alarms can't be heard with a normal system; a second alarm system or an annunciator panel may be needed.