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an indicator that announces which electrical circuit has been active (as on a telephone switchboard)

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DEPARTURE WARNING ALARM Senior Technologies' WanderGuard Pre-Alert remote annunciator sends a warning before a wanderer exits.
The annunciator panel should flash and sound if the hydraulic fluid drops below 6 1/2 gallons.
The patented Pre-Alert annunciator helps monitor elopements before they occur, creating safer environments for wandering residents.
We offer many options from the WanderGuard product line, including WanderGuard locks, the Catch-All[TM] nonselective door alarm, the patented Pre-Alert[TM] remote annunciator and paging to help provide resident security throughout your facility while providing managed freedom for residents.
An analogy to an industrial process annunciator system is valid.
AMETEK Power Instruments says its new Panalarm Series 90A Annunciator will cause many people to rethink their Alarm Management Strategy.
Less than 1 minute into the sortie and as the aircraft was entering the weather, Maj Ferris noted a master caution light, an ECS light on the annunciator panel, and a right bleed air duct light.
In today s busy, complex, sometimes far-flung world of business, usually the best we can do is signal our desire to communicate with someone - the answering machine, e-mail or, in the nursing home, sounding an annunciator alarm or blaring out the party's name over the public address system.
Unlike some other distributed control schemes, Echo has no supervisory controller--only a simple annunciator indicating the status of each loading station as well as diagnostic messages for the other nodes.
The new Tempo 2 Universal Two-Stage Digital Timers are designed for applications including timed delayed egress, door prop alarm, door annunciator, and alarm swinger eliminator applications.
It is a good idea to walk the facility and check for any blind areas in which alarms can't be heard with a normal system; a second alarm system or an annunciator panel may be needed.
Maverick, the world's largest operator of EC130 aircraft worked with OuterLink to design a customized remote mount tracking and voice messaging system where only one small annunciator needs to take up valuable cockpit panel space.
Featuring up to 5 megabytes of on-board memory, the system can accurately and permanently record up to 740,000 data samples from level and temperature indicators, flow meters, switches, annunciator panels, valves, pumps, fuses, motors, compressors, PLC, SCADA systems and other devices.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of M/S Pecon Make Micro Controller Based Annunciator.