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Synonyms for Annunciation

Synonyms for Annunciation

a festival commemorating the announcement of the Incarnation by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary

(Christianity) the announcement to the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel of the incarnation of Christ

a formal public statement

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Annunciations are inserted into the text for the sake of the audience, not for the sake of the actual people saying or receiving them.
If we presume the annunciations to Joseph and Mary took place literally, they become so different from us that we can't possibly identify with them, especially as a family.
Without annunciations, we can presume Joseph, Mary and Jesus had lots of things to work out during their time together.
Menager shows that the focus of the drama of annunciation changes as one moves through the Renaissance, with the later paintings eliminating the figure of God and limiting the figures in the scene to Mary and Gabriel.
Only in Angelico's delicate and spiritual San Marco Annunciations could Mary be said to look into Gabriel' s eyes.
All devote themselves to religious topics in their other works, and those who produce other Annunciations may do so in a more conservative manner than in the ones I have selected.
21) On this model of reading, these Annunciations, in accord with the humanist spirit of the Renaissance, become more accessible, recognizably ordinary, and polyvalent as well as sacred and extraordinary in their meaning for us.
Though space does not permit analysis of further Annunciations in this courtship mode, I will mention two others.
The story of the ANNUNCIATION in the Gospel of Luke has been portrayed richly and variously in the visual arts from the earliest centuries of Christianity.
In accord with the miracle that it represents the Annunciation is thus removed from the taint of earthly sexuality, and in works of art depicting the scene Gabriel and Mary act out their parts as divine messenger and gracious recipient of God's Word.
Driven by the cabin electronic system, it also provides cabin system annunciations and backup galley control for the cabin system.
Trevor's annunciations function like James Joyce's famous epiphanies in Dubliners, but here there seems less room between the human and the idea of the divine for interpretations of irony, even though we have in the book what appears to be an actual miracle to contrast with everything earthly.
The Annunciation scene on the dust jacket, we discover, illustrates the title story, in which a similar picture in an Italian church inspires a sort of self-annunciation.
For obvious reasons, Thornton relies greatly on images of religious subjects taking place indoors, and the book contains multiple Feasts of Herod, Births of the Virgin, and many, many Annunciations.
Future functions the University is considering are next-stop annunciations, wayside passenger information signs, and kiosks.