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  • verb

Synonyms for annunciate

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

Synonyms for annunciate

foreshadow or presage

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"I'm annunciating Association policy and what I personally believe in myself.
MacLean dissolves Schoenberg's Chamber Symphony into a succession of moments that he terms bang-up variants, scumbling cadences, pell-mell figures, annunciating markers, false counter-expositions, breached recapitulations, moonrise fourths, and codetta enthralls.
For me she has the most annoying way of annunciating her words.
When you select any of the modes, a panel pops up on the Perspective's MFD page annunciating the mode that the system is running in and giving an estimated fluid duration, rather like a fuel totalizer.
It has brought about a tremendous amount of redesign in annunciating devices because manufacturers are now allowed to specify operating parameters for their annunciation devices as mechanisms to establish compatibility.
Wheelock, Inc., of Long Branch, New Jersey, has introduced a new family of cluster speakers that features dual configurations for clearly annunciating various work emergency or security situations, including OSHA requirements.
For the man-down technology, the "added" components include receivers, signal paths and annunciating devices, while the "modified" component is with the philosophy that traditionally separates the observed from the observer.
Good, bad, and annunciating angels "exist" in these stories by the grace of belief--Mary's, the old woman's, the troubled child's.