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  • verb

Synonyms for annunciate

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

Synonyms for annunciate

foreshadow or presage

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But in the event we lined up on a different runway--or one that was too short for our entered performance profile--the system would annunciate a "check runway" or "runway too short" aural alert and visual message on the PFD.
Vendor configures the Supply Fan Failure Event to annunciate an alarm to the BACnet operator workstation if the Supply Fan Status BI fails to detect fan operation when the Supply Fan Command is ON; note that no alarm should annunciate if the Supply Fan Status BI detects fan operation when the Supply Fan is OFF.
Because the system has also been integrated with the facility's fire protection system, any fire alarm automatically annunciates on the security screen.
MMAD monitors more than 2500 points and annunciates and displays faults in a central control room where the fault is initially addressed.
Similar to the other XRS detectors, the R7 and R9G provide drivers with IntelliMute[R], a speed sensing Auto Mute system to prevent false alerts; Voice Alert[TM], which clearly annunciates signals and alerts being detected; SmartPower[TM] to automatically shut off the unit when the vehicle's ignition is turned off; and StrobeAlert[R], which alerts the driver of approaching emergency vehicles.
Either it annunciates LPV, or you go missed and get a new clearance for the Y version instead.
All readers include host LED control, guaranteed HID compatibility, a buzzer that annunciates card reads, and a separate tamper output signal.
5 inch prototype area that is connected to the MCU's address/data bus and control signals; expansion slots to expand the prototype area; a reset switch; and a 2 x 16 LCD display that echos serial commands during debug and annunciates the results of ongoing tests (e.
You're all set to ride the rail down to LPV minimums, but outside of the final approach fix, LNAV annunciates and for some reason no amount of button mashing will get it to switch over to LPV.
A built-in keypad located behind the locked enclosure door enables the user to silence, disable, and reset the panel while an internal sounder annunciates keystrokes and alarm/trouble conditions.
T/F: If your GPS annunciates LNAV/ VNAV and you fly the glidepath in IMC to 6960 feet, you must go missed because LNAV/VNAV is to a DA.
That was a concern, Rankine explains, because "the more pieces of equipment between an alarm point and where it annunciates to a person, the greater the opportunity for a system failure to occur.