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  • verb

Synonyms for annunciate

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

Synonyms for annunciate

foreshadow or presage

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The committee reviewed the legal perspective as annunciated in the Part I and Part II of the Federal Legislative list in the Constitution and subsequently held detailed discussions on current and future role of the Provincial Government in matters related to funding of the higher education sector, quality assurance system and university governance.
The stated objective of this monitoring of general activity is to "assure controllers have sufficient time to analyze and react to incoming alarms." A starting point, but not a stopping point, is to count the number of alarms and the rate of annunciated alarms.
"As commands were being issued to activate the Kurs system, a failure was annunciated, triggering a passive abort."
Picking up the "liberation" theme first annunciated by Reynolds (1939), the perceived implications of self-determination began to expand enormously because of the burgeoning professional social work interest in "empowering" clients and providers to struggle against oppression (Fook, 2002; Simon, 1994).
It was four year ago, when for the first time, political persecution as an explicitly annunciated practice was substituted for the political process and the use of laws,.
"They were clear, they annunciated, they projected, they made excellent eye contact, asked the questions perfectly and showed very good listening skills.
When an alarm or pre-alarm condition occurs, the DGC-2020 can dial up to four telephone numbers in sequence until an answer is received and the condition is annunciated.
The L/R ENG cautions are annunciated anytime a FADEC (the computer for the F414 GE-400 engines) decides the engine performance status has changed.
Third, hope fulfils this mobilising function for Gutierrez because it is motivated by, and takes as its objective, the kind of positively annunciated utopian goal that is rejected and condemned by Moltmann.
He added, "Burton always moved his lips so much when he annunciated, that they would stick out from under his nose."
The sheeter's drives, logic controller and operator interface have self diagnostic annunciated faults that identify the specific location or cause of a problem.
At the Examiner Literary Luncheon on Tuesday I was particularly in awe of the four speakers - Santa Montefiore, James Naughtie, Peter Shilton and Sarah Dunant - who all annunciated brilliantly, waved their arms around and made everyone listen, laugh and learn.
The message beautifully annunciated by Tolkien in his writings and documented by today's wisest Tolkien scholars in A Hidden Presence is that without God man can do nothing.
Alarms can also be annunciated at one of several remote locations using WatchMate Controllers or Annunciator panels.
The truly outstanding contribution came from tenor soloist Matthew Minter, with a clearly annunciated, lyrical and mellifluous tone that thankfully avoided any operatic excess.