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  • verb

Synonyms for annunciate

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

Synonyms for annunciate

foreshadow or presage

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Astonishingly enough, it also includes his mature masterpiece, the Virgin Annunciate (Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, Palermo), believed to have been painted either at the very end of his 1475-1476 stay in Venice or shortly after his return to Messina.
The systems can be used to open or close access gates, turn on outside lighting, or annunciate the arrival of a vehicle in a guard tower or control room.
The PLC controls start and stop prime movers, annunciate prime-mover status and alarms and control priority loads.
I don't feel it is necessary to clearly annunciate every word I sing and if I did it wouldn't have the same effect that it does.
However, after the weekend's debacle I can see the benefit of private education and my children shall now annunciate correctly, chase eggs and be strangers to pasties.
If iconic representations of Mary inspired Rilke's poems, then the Biblical description of the Annunciation scene in which the angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will become the mother of God inspired a plethora of paintings, the theme of Susan van Rohr Scaff's essay "The Virgin Annunciate in Italian Art of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance.
The process of turning on an LED to annunciate the completion of a device's change in status is usually at the system's lowest priority level.
319, 328-30 (stating that for effective deterrence of illegal police conduct, federal courts must annunciate clear principles supporting exclusionary rule that are to be followed by federal and state courts).
In planning or forecasting the future of our industry, it is easy to annunciate the immediate statistics and latest deals.
Among Masterpiece London's sculptural highlights is a late 15th-century Virgin Annunciate by Niccolo di Giovanni Fiorentino (active 1467-1506) through Sam Fogg.
Using a Bluetooth[R] head/earphone or a long-range (up to 200 feet) optional CAB unit connected to a vehicle's radio AUX input, the unit can be set on the right-of-way and will annunciate the passage of the pig to an operator.
My advice to get the most out of your voice recognition is, speak slowly and clearly and try to annunciate.
I have outlined some of the ways in which Composition Z--The House of Stone problematises the act of narration, decentring authorship and involving the audience in the process of renegotiating power relations in an attempt to annunciate migrant identity in its ambiguity and complexity.
The silver chest was commissioned, perhaps by Piero de' Medici, the patron of the sumptuous tabernacle and oratory that he rebuilt between 1448 and 1451, to house the most precious of gifts and ex-votos donated in homage to the Annunciate Virgin.
The unit monitors door contacts, motion sensors, and access control devices such as card reader systems or keypads to determine and annunciate the status of a controlled door or gate.