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  • verb

Synonyms for annunciate

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

Synonyms for annunciate

foreshadow or presage

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The late antique iconography of the Virgin Annunciate spinning reflect an idealized Roman matron type that embodied a full range of powers and qualities, says Taylor, and this was the early concept of Mary God-bearer as a model for Christian women.
Perhaps most importantly, master class clinicians must project their voices adequately to fill the room and must annunciate clearly.
While SpYdaq has always catered for Hi and Low alarms that can annunciate locally and/or send SMS warning messages to up to two mobile phones, the new Soft Alarm feature is web-resident and so, access to the base station is not required to add, change or remove alarms.
She seemed to totally intuitively annunciate pain and fear and human weakness yet she seemed to have no idea where she had discovered these reservoirs, these hidden pools.
However, with all due respect, at times Bridges is so deeply in character that he fails to annunciate and some have claimed that the audience would probably benefit from subtitles.
For it is to this Mary rather than the Annunciate that he
'Tu pensi, straniero, che Antinoo o un altro fra i miei pretendenti mi abbia donato questa coltana come pegno per nozze annunciate, ma non e cosi.
The system detects truck parts that are running hot, such as brakes, before the truck reaches the tunnel and can annunciate an alarm in the event of danger.
Access control systems will allow audible and/or visual signaling devices to be connected to annunciate an alarm condition.
A queste appendici se ne aggiungono diverse altre: della vita del Gigli si e gia detto; poi, oltre al consueto "Indice dei nomi" (che diventa, con le note di commento, un altro interessante capitolo), utilissimo risulta l'"Indice di lemmi, forme e fenomeni" (adeguatamente completato da noterelle linguistiche a pie' di pagina); da segnalare la sezione "Altri testi di Girolamo Gigli collegati al Vocabolario [...]" in cui la Mattarucco decide d'inserire la lettera al Marmi e la Ritrattazione del '21, che pur erano parte integrante della seconda edizione (annunciate peraltro anche nel frontespizio).
BACnet controllers are not required to implement both, but a BACnet OWS will be able to annunciate and record alarms generated with either mechanism.
LEDs annunciate active alarms and show breaker status and source availability.
The last paragraph of the article said: "Speak slowly and clearly and try to annunciate." I thought, surely it should be enunciate.
The tone and the mood are life-affirming and survival is linked to memory, tradition, and history in poems such as "Annunciate," "For Tata," "Survival," and "Language." Rather than passing, time unfolds, and whatever has been continues to be as he says for his grandmother, "Her spirit has departed / It is here with me." This poet's reality is not "cemented in history / unchanged," but moves "Incessant, pushing for the struggle / of re-generation" ("Language").