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(Latin) year

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Two hundred thousand per annum would make four millions of capital.
Hence that immense fortune, which, in Lord Wilmore's opinion, possibly amounted to one or two millions per annum, -- a precarious fortune, which might be momentarily lost by the failure of the mine.
Please note boy is apple of eye, and rupees shall be sent per hoondi three hundred per annum.
They scarcely ever taste meat; as, with the twelve pounds per annum, they have to clothe themselves, and support their families.
Yes," she said, finally, "here it is, of course: 'With interest thereon monthly, at the rate of seven per cent per annum.
between 2019 and 2022, assuming passenger growth rate is 10 per cent per annum.
Finance Minister Jane Hutt said: "These projects are expected to generate PS3m of vital savings per annum.
Ford 1st Quarter offers: Ford Ka Studio on Ford Personal Lease From PS119 per month Advance Rental PS714 35 Monthly rentals PS119 Mileage per annum 9,000 Excess Mileage charge 5.
In this regard, the company will invest Rs 150 crore to set up the plant with an initial capacity of 500,000 units per annum.
Average retail rental rates for Dubai stood at $114 per sq ft per annum and in Abu Dhabi at $71 per sq ft per annum.
6% per annum in the period between 2009 and 2020 and 6.
0% per annum and the indicative spread Russia-30-UST-10 narrowed to 208 b.
Service fees for 2011: Dh55 per square foot per annum
1% per annum, rising to nearly 339 BCM/year in 2015 and almost 439 BCM/year in 2035.
Rental for the ground floor shop is pounds 4,200 per annum, while the self - contained maisonette is let at pounds 495 pcm (pounds 5,940 per annum), providing a current rental income of pounds 10,140 per annum.