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(Latin) year

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A good post in the family of a prince of the blood, when it is given by the credit, and on the recommendation of a friend, like the Comte de Guiche, is worth at least twelve thousand livres per annum; and by the means which M.
"Two hundred thousand per annum would make four millions of capital."
Hence that immense fortune, which, in Lord Wilmore's opinion, possibly amounted to one or two millions per annum, -- a precarious fortune, which might be momentarily lost by the failure of the mine.
Well, when you come to deduct taxes, charges, losses and other things, the best invested estate of $3,500 per annum, will not yield more than $3,000, nett.
Having sought and obtained an audience of the superintendent during the noontide recreation, I told her I had a prospect of getting a new situation where the salary would be double what I now received (for at Lowood I only got 15 pounds per annum); and requested she would break the matter for me to Mr.
-Please note boy is apple of eye, and rupees shall be sent per hoondi three hundred per annum. For God Almighty's sake." Now, is that ravin' lunacy or a business proposition?
per annum, in which their client believed himself to be indebted to Mr Clennam.
It is said that some few of the greater landowners possess from five to ten thousand pounds sterling per annum: an inequality of riches which I believe is not met with in any of the cattle-breeding countries eastward of the Andes.
They scarcely ever taste meat; as, with the twelve pounds per annum, they have to clothe themselves, and support their families.
"Yes," she said, finally, "here it is, of course: 'With interest thereon monthly, at the rate of seven per cent per annum.'"
The production capacity of the complex is 500,000 metric tons of Urea per annum, 420,000 metric tons of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate per annum, 360,000 metric tons of Nitro Phosphate per annum, 420,000 metric tons of NPK per annum.
The categories to be charged include companies registered under the Companies Act 2017 and having capital up to Rs5 million but not exceeding Rs10 million at the rate of Rs7,000 per annum, capital exceeding Rs5 million but not exceeding Rs50 million at the rate of Rs18,000 per annum, capital exceeding Rs50 million but not exceeding Rs100 million at the rate of Rs35,000 per annum, Capital exceeding Rs100 million but not exceeding Rs200 million at the rate of Rs80,000 per annum, capital exceeding Rs200 million at the rate of Rs90,000 per annum, employees not exceeding 10 at the rate of Rs1,000 per annum, employees exceeding 10 but not exceeding 25 at the rate of Rs2,000 per annum, and employees exceeding 25 at the rate of Rs5,000 per annum.
Islamabad -- The minimum taxable income was reviewed and set at Rs0.6 million and Rs0.4 million per annum for the salaried and non-salaried folks, respectively, State Minister for Revenue Hammad Azhar announced while presenting the Federal Budget 2019-20.
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited (NYSE: ANZ) (ANZ.AX) (OTC: ANZBY) has said that it will decrease all variable interest home loan rates in Australia by 0.18 per annum.