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a toroidal shape

(Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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Annulus fibrosis ADC values were recorded from the 16 points of the outer area, and the mean was calculated.
annulus Gold ring cowry to establish taxon that will be used as a key identification in the classification according to taxon correctly, and can explain the actual C.
Once the plug was deployed and set at location, each seal was leak tested at 110% of the maximum potential isolation pressure in turn, and once the seal integrity was proved, the annulus was then vented to ambient to create a zero-energy zone, providing effective double block-and-bleed isolation.
We noticed a structure that was thicker than the fibrocartilaginous annulus of the tympanic membrane and which was mobilized with the mobilization of the chorda tympani.
4 mm, although some variation is acceptable as long as stain penetration and annulus clarity are not affected.
KEY WORDS: Spisula solidissima, annulus formation, age validation, von Bertalanffy model, geographic comparisons
As noted by both Cooper (1967) and Hostetter and Munroe (1993), the thickness of the bone in some opercula obscured the area of earliest growth, occasionally hiding the first annulus.
Veil present covering up the gills in young basidiomata, then producing abundant remnants on the pileus margin of mature specimens, also a floccose annulus on the stipe apex, white (28A1), often fragile and collapsing.
Immediate percentage reduction in gradient across PV and complications in either group were analysed along with frequency of RV dysfunction, balloon to annulus ratio, pre dilatation and balloon stabilization.
The number of transmitters located in a specific annulus I [member of] {1, .
Partly without casing annulus with the introduction of a new high-density polyethylene pipe DN 400 mm in the existing pipeline DN 400 mm on approximately 890 m,
In this study we have studied the efficacy of placing the graft by completely elevating the annulus and pars flaccida by 3600.
Primus Line has introduced an innovative technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines for the water, and oil and gas using the long pipe lining with an annulus method.
At the array's origin, aesthetasc density per annulus varies from 1 per annulus (or 1 every other annulus) to 2 per annulus.
The size of the annulus, the ring around the valve that supports the entire valve structure, and the presence of calcification in the aortic annulus must be accounted for precisely.