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a toroidal shape

(Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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Connection of the implant to the mitral annulus is sutureless, using specially designed anchors.
Centek appreciates the need for a close tolerance centraliser for use in very tight annulus applications, where the margins between pore pressure and the fracture gradient are narrow," said Cliff Berry, vice-president, Global Business Development at Centek Group.
The annulus is filled with an insulating material, its size determined by the insulation requirements as established by flow assurance requirements for the project.
It is important to note that as weight bears through the disc joint, the nucleus pulposus is compressed, pushing it outward away from the center and against the fibers of the annulus.
For a concentric annulus (case b), the numerical deviations when the calculated flow rate versus friction pressure loss are compared with existing analytical solutions of non-Newtonian fluids [9], are within 0.
For each mackerel species five methods of determining length-at-age from otoliths were investigated: observed (Obsv); category-adjusted (Adj-cat); formula-adjusted (Adj-frm); back-calculation to all annuli (BC-all); and back-calculation to the last annulus only (BC-last).
The two planets captured and assimilated some of this debris, but hurled other chunks out of the annulus.
1998) in their study employed the finite element method to simulate the convection dominated melting of a PCM in a cylindrical horizontal annulus heated isothermally from an inside wall.
Approximately 3 to 5 mm from the annulus in the middle and interior portions of the canal, a trough was palpated.
The tails on all the sperm bent at exactly the same position, at a site corresponding to a ring-like structure known as the annulus, whose function is unknown.
In the UK it is usual for a perforated head to be attached to the end of the PE as it is inserted to allow gas to pass between the PE and the annulus.
The Weldlink comprises a length of the project specific pipe, pre-machined in the I/D, weld deposited with a CRA, generally Inconel 625, machined over the inlaid surface to a patented profile comprising a series of annulus sealing grooves, and supplied with a compression ring of the same CRA material to secure the PE into the machined profile.
Las Vegas -- Mitral annulus calcification is associated with a doubling of cardiovascular mortality risk in the elderly, Dr.
The pendentives and the annulus under the lantern are made in hollow terracotta pots to reduce their loads: a very ancient technique that had just been rediscovered at the end of the eighteenth century.
This allows a 3 mm wide annulus on the casting surface (called a "witness"), which provides a reference surface for finishing operations.