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Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

Synonyms for annulment

the state of being cancelled or annulled


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(law) a formal termination (of a relationship or a judicial proceeding etc)

the act of abrogating

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He explained that in an upgraded annulment law, the requirements for dissolving a marriage could be relaxed.
The common ground for annulment is psychological incapacity, which Hontiveros called "anti-poor".
Henry persuaded compliant ecclesiastical to grant annulments of four of his marriages.
* In the court documents requesting the annulment, Cage says the couple was drunk at the time they got married.
However, this is not a sufficient basis upon which to grant the exceptional remedy of an annulment. In large part, this arranged marriage was a joining of two families based on nationality, financial matters and a joint culture that both families wished to continue through this couple.
President Muhammadu Buhari had on June 12, 2018, tendered a national apology to the family of Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, presumed winner of the election, for the annulment of the election by Babangida
I'm very happy to know that after years of waiting, your annulment has finally been granted.
Decision on annulment of the measures holds great importance for the dairy industry in BiH because market of Kosovo is one of the most important markets for export of milk and dairy products from BiH.
Marriages in the Philippines can be dissolved in two ways: through a declaration of nullity or through annulment.
On Tuesday, several senators expressed their opposition to divorce, with some expressing their preference for a bill that would provide a more affordable annulment. Among those who rejected the divorce bill were Senators Emmanuel Pacquiao, Joel Villanueva, and Francis Escudero.
The Teinver award is the subject of ongoing annulment proceedings.
Meanwhile, HB 6779, or 'An Act Recognizing the Civil Effects of Church Annulment Decrees', has also been approved by 203 lawmakers.
The appeal for annulment is an institution of Romanian civil procedural law specific legislation.
The relevant judicial authority shall order the enforcement of the arbitration award unless one of the litigants files an application for the annulment of the award in the following specific events: (a) If it was passed in the absence of an arbitration agreement or in pursuant to an invalid arbitration agreement, or if it was prescribed by the lapse of time or if the arbitrator goes beyond the scope of the agreement.