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Saarthi Trust has so far annulled 33 child marriages in India and also prevented thousands of child marriages.
My client had discovered at a later stage that her husband had had a previous marriage annulled in their homeland because he suffers from narcissism," said the lawyer.
Selamet E[currency]en, a lawyer for the Fem prep schools, has filed a case at an administrative court and demanded that the order be annulled.
An announcement in the London Gazette states: "The Queen has directed that the appointment of Rolf Harris to be a Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, dated 17 June 2006, shall be cancelled and annulled and that his name shall be erased from the Register of the said Order.
In a recent a case the Dubai Court of Cassation has underlined this principle by explaining that even if the award is justified on other grounds, if the award contains a determination on a matter of public policy, the entire award will be annulled and not just the decision concerning public policy.
BEIRUT: Parliament's Administration and Justice Committee began Monday looking into articles of the new rent law which were annulled by the Constitutional Council.
The court has only annulled specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities by the EU with its view of combating terrorism.
The EU Court of Justice has once again annulled the General Court's judgement, holding that it erred in law by finding that the disputed exemptions could be attributed to the Union and not the member states concerned.
Deposed president Muhammad Mursi plans to sue the army-installed authorities over his ouster, warning that stability will only return once their "coup" is annulled, his lawyer said Nov 13.
Summary: Morsi plans to sue army-installed authorities over his ouster, warning that stability will only return once their 'coup' is annulled.
TEHRAN -- The European Court of Justice has annulled sanctions imposed by the European Union against the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL), the IRISL managing director announced last week, the Fars News Agency quoted Mohammad Hossein Dajmar as saying.
The WADA Code says that in all cases, once a positive result is reported, the result obtained in that particular competition in which the athlete tested positive, would be annulled, and the athlete disqualified with all resultant consequences.
However, Congressman Javier VelA squez QuesquA[c]n announced that since the ten new officials were appointed through the same order, all of the appointments would be annulled.
A court in Spain has partially annulled a government pardon granted to the chief executive of Banco Santander (SAN.