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a toroidal shape

(Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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In this section, we obtain some new results which provide annuli containing all the zeros of a polynomial.
In short, because they simply don't have the funds to accurately age all harvested deer using the cementum annuli method.
Otolith annuli (opaque zones) were validated to determine age and growth parameters for sheepshead, and these estimates were then compared with those previously reported for sheepshead from other geographical regions.
The effect of graded facetectomy on intervertebral rotations, intradiscal pressure, facet joint forces, and maximum von Mises equivalent stresses in the annuli was analyzed for all six loading conditions.
In this method, annuli on the enamel of the second dorsal fin spine are viewed and counted using reflected light and a dissecting microscope or with image analysis software.
For instance, Atlantic sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) form annuli in summer over most of their range, but form them in winter at the range's northern edge (Chute et al.
RF Received Power due to the Transmitters Located within L Annuli. As shown in the previous subsection, the RF power I received from the transmitters located within the /th annulus is approximated by a Gamma distribution, with MGF [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Annuli of all specimens recovered (but two males in bad conditions) were estimated directly at the UNA, length measures were obtained from photographs with the program UTHSCSA Image Tool for Windows Version 3.00.
PIP is a special type of fabricated pipeline with two concentric pipes with insulating material contained within the annuli.
The nucleus in our sampling represents the initial 4-6 months in growth which encompasses halibut metamorphosis [12]; in contrast, the 5th and 8th annuli represent the time of reduced migration and onset of halibut maturation.
Our objective was to compare aging techniques (gum-line measurement and cementum annuli analysis) for Cougars (Puma concolor) using harvest data collected during 2006-2010 in Oregon.
Furthermore, crayfish antennular flagella grow continuously throughout an animal's lifespan by adding annuli and sensilla at their base; this means that aesthetascs near the flagellum tip are the oldest, and in adult individuals a proportion of them, along with the distal annuli, are shed at each molt (Sandeman and Sandeman, 1996).
Both sets of tissues were processed, sectioned and stained with Hemotoxyllin / Eosin, to observe the architecture of annuli fibrosis and nuclei pulposus parts of disc and the micro-vessels under light microscope.
The grout bag acts as a support for the mudmat and as a seal to form a plug for the leg pile annuli during the next stage.