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Synonyms for annulet

(heraldry) a charge in the shape of a circle

molding in the form of a ring

a small ring

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An annulet, it turns out, is "an encircling band, molding, or fillet, as on the shaft of a column.
Chlorion differs from the aforementioned genera by its smaller thoracic spiracles in relation to those of the abdomen, weakly pigmented anterior prothoracic annulet, and the head with both blotched areas and depressions in the front and clypeus (Evans 1964).
2 cm; abdominal segments divided into 2 annulets by a transverse crease.
The mature larvae of the tribe Chrysidini are defined by showing abdominal segments divided into 2 annulets, and having cranium with 5 or more pairs of setae.
In addition, the absence on capital C of a groove at the top of the echinus, or annulets or other type of decorative zone at the bottom of the echinus, gives the impression that the capital belongs to a very primitive stage of development before such features had become a general characteristic of Doric capitals.
The fluted necking, annulets, and groove at the top of the echinus of the original capitals were not replicated.