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DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the pale green dorsum, distinctly annulated antennal segment II (annulations sometimes obscure in 9), hyaline hemelytron, three distinct black spots (one on the apex of the clams and two on the inner margin of the cuneus) (Fig.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the orange brown or pale grayish brown basic coloration, heavily setose body surface that is widely speckled with brown or reddish spots, annulated, slender antenna, a conspicuous large spot on the membrane, and distinct form of the male and female genitalia.
Remarks: Body loricate, dorsoventrally flattened, shape elliptical, oval or vase shaped, foot long retractile, annulated and terminating in to tuft of cilia.
Not that one need pillage the history of modern art to grasp Dunham's works; the 1980s alone provide abundant points of reference: graffiti, Sherrie Levine's plywood paintings, and Keith Haring's annulated body paintings, for example.
The records storage equipment included various examples of corrugated boxes and transfer files, steel shelving, insulated and annulated file cabinets, steel transfer files, a money chest, and Class A, B, and C safes.
In order to calculate its value, together with b, of the line which minimizes J, partial derivatives must be annulated, for a and for b:
The adult parasites are long, flat, or annulated and have 4 hooks surrounding a central mouth.
They are distinctive, randomly curved, weakly annulated tubes with stripy, tightly arranged, altered biotite flakes in transverse rows (Pl.
Antenna 2/3 as long as forewing; scape white, intermixed with dark brown scales dorsally; flagellomeres white, annulated with dark brown dorsally.
Annulation of pre-clitellar segments present: 1-3 usually simple, 4-9, 10 ringleted, with 2-4 ringlets annulated or not, with an external segmental subdivision characteristic for species.
The overall coloration of pholcids is quite variable, but the legs are often characteristically annulated.
Above it, a bellowslike tube made of annulated black foam is mounted.
Segmentation, preclitellar segments with secondary annulations: segments 1-3 simple with horizontal grooves, segments 4-8 with two ringlets of equal size, 9 with second ringlet smaller, from 10 and postclitellar simple and randomly annulated.
Most species can be easily recognized by their bright yellow or orange spots on a dark brown abdomen and their annulated legs.