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ACCIAC-CATURA and ALEMBIC, LATRODECTUS MACTANS and NEUTRAL DENSITY POINT, CHIAROSCURO and PROPRIOCEPTION and TESTUDO and ANNULATE and BRICOLAGE and CATALEPT and GERRYMANDER and SCOPOPHILIA and LAERTES--and all of a sudden it occurs to Gately the aforethought EXTRUDING, STRIGIL and LEXICAL themselves--and LORDOSIS and IMPOST and SINISTRAL and MENISCUS and CHRONAXY and POOR YORICK and LUCULUS and CERISE MONTCLAIR and then DE SICA NEO-REAL CRANE DOLLY and CIRCUMAMBIENTFOUNDDRAMALEVIRAT- EMARRIAGE and then more lexical terms and words speeding up to chipmunkish and then HELIATED and then all the way up to a sound like a mosquito on speed, and Gately tries to clutch both his temples with one hand and scream, but nothing comes out.
Legs: Forelegs reddish brown, with very faintly suggested darker annulations on fore femur and indication of single irregular pale annulation on basal portion of fore tibia, middle and hind femur and tibia uniform medium brown, faintly annulate with dark yellow in male, extreme apices black.
A repurposing generates a significant value of intellectual property, but since EGF is well known by the scientific community, risk that previous knowledge annulate patent claims was persistent in every strategy analysis.
Cytoplasmic annulate lamellae and intra nuclear membranes in human spermatids and sperm.
thin exine with many folds and annulate pores, may be related to this
Pemberton and Frey (1982) distinguished these on the nature of the burrow linings (thin or thick) and external surface characteristics (unornamented, striate, annulate or alternately striate and annulate).