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Pemberton and Frey (1982) distinguished these on the nature of the burrow linings (thin or thick) and external surface characteristics (unornamented, striate, annulate or alternately striate and annulate).
A comment on annulate forms of Palaeophycus Hall 1847: with particular reference to P.
3) and on each side of the attachment of the annulate scape, a scale formed from the posterior median plate (Fig.
Legs: annulate or banded, especially femora; unambiguous and visible without magnification; longest to shortest IV: I: II: III.
abdita are more strongly and much more often annulate, while its light venter is contrasted with the dark venter of T.
Although some details are lacking, this long-legged, small-bodied and rather gracile harvestman is surprisingly modern-looking and appears to show the impression of an annulate ovipositor.