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The pollens of F indica were in line with the results of Perveen and Qaiser [8] namely, they are triporate, oblate-spheroidal, pore more or less circular, operculate, annulate sexine thicker than nexine, fossulate-foveolate, and exine is 2.5 [micro]m thick.
Beauv Palynomorph: Areolate with medium scabrae-type, Spheroidal, Annulate, operculate, annulate, annulus reduced, annulus 3(mu)m in diameter, 0.85(mu)m thick, size of pollen is 2.5(mu)m often slightly thicker pores.
Legs: Forelegs reddish brown, with very faintly suggested darker annulations on fore femur and indication of single irregular pale annulation on basal portion of fore tibia, middle and hind femur and tibia uniform medium brown, faintly annulate with dark yellow in male, extreme apices black.
A repurposing generates a significant value of intellectual property, but since EGF is well known by the scientific community, risk that previous knowledge annulate patent claims was persistent in every strategy analysis.
Legs: femora annulate; ventral surface of femur iridescent, perhaps even the entire leg; leg formula IV:I:II:III.
Cytoplasmic annulate lamellae and intra nuclear membranes in human spermatids and sperm.
thin exine with many folds and annulate pores, may be related to this
Pemberton and Frey (1982) distinguished these on the nature of the burrow linings (thin or thick) and external surface characteristics (unornamented, striate, annulate or alternately striate and annulate).
Curiously, though, the wraith soon intrudes upon "Gately's personal mind" and starts projecting "in Gately's own brain voice" terms about whose meaning Gately "knows for a fact he doesn't have any idea"--words like "PIROUETTE," "ANNULATE," and "POOR YORICK" (832).