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a toroidal shape

(Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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The Hurriquake nail is made of a carbon steel alloy and includes annular rings, a larger head diameter, and a helical twist located directly below the nail's head (Curry 2007).
To keep these limitations at bay, Sumitomo launched commercial tires where an annular ring of foam is bonded to the tire innerliner using an adhesive where it cannot significantly move, stretch or touch the hot metal rim.
If the design requirement is for Class 3, additional pad diameter is required because of the annular ring requirement for Class 3 being 0.
A range of standard fittings is available and the conduit itself has an annular ring design to give flexibility and stop fluid spiralling down its length.
is an implantable annular ring that is part flexible and part semi-rigid.
One of the scientists suggested designing a better coffee cup by using: A series of annular ring baffles arranged around the inner wall of the container to achieve sloshing suppression.
If a trace, knee or annular ring is eroded, there's no fixing it.
One of the most vulnerable locations on the PCB to be affected by copper dissolution is the trace that connects to the annular ring.
If the whole floor is faulty, it's better to layin plywood, nailed down with annular ring shank nails.
An annular ring of base-and precious-metal deposits surround these altered areas.
Specifically, the annular ring on boards may be insufficient to ensure a good layer-to-layer bond and concomitant PTH integrity.
Because an annular ring check must first determine whether the object to measure is present, the discussion of coverage and annular ring can be combined.
Usein annular ring shank nails and nail the plywood at three-inch centres.
One insert is placed adjacent to the centerline and carves out an annular ring with a very small ID.
The DFA program also supports many common rules, including annular ring, component spacing, component orientation, lead span, and hole audits.