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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments

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I believe you are right, my love; it will be better that there should by no annuity in the case; whatever I may give them occasionally will be of far greater assistance than a yearly allowance, because they would only enlarge their style of living if they felt sure of a larger income, and would not be sixpence the richer for it at the end of the year.
Besides his fiction of an annuity, about which no one at the present time knew anything, the chevalier really had, therefore, a bona fide income of a thousand francs.
The Service issued proposed regulations (REG-141901-05, 10/18/06) on the taxation of the exchange of property for an annuity contract.
In addition to selling proprietary products, Merrill Lynch's financial advisers also sell insurance and annuity products from several other well-known organizations.
20 (1998), the Tax Court held that a partial exchange of an existing annuity contract for a new annuity contract is a nontaxable exchange under Sec.
To help Fee-Only financial advisors, the clients they serve, and the millions of Americans who need to save more for retirement, Jefferson National Life Insurance Company (Jefferson National) has launched the Annuity Rescue Center in partnership with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the nation's leading organization of Fee-Only comprehensive financial planning professionals.
Insurers could do a better job promoting the payout feature of their fixed annuities, especially for contracts written under the 1971 annuity mortality table, he added.
With the reduction in capital gains rates in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, will the tax deferral investors received within a variable annuity continue to compare favorably to investments made outside a variable annuity (e.
In conjunction with MetLife Investors variable annuity offerings, Wachovia Securities customers will also have access to a suite of optional living benefits to help preserve their lifestyle in retirement, including the recently launched MetLife Lifetime Withdrawal Guarantee(TM) rider, and the currently offered Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit Plus and Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit riders.
and a speaker at the sixth annual Annuity Conference sponsored by Limra International, the Life Office Management Association and the Society of Actuaries.
A deferred annuity is a contractual promise to make periodic payments that will begin at a contingent date and a guarantee that the payments will continue for either a stated number of years or until the death of a named annuitant.
18, 2006, addressed the income tax treatment of property exchanged for an annuity contract.
I was losing money like crazy," says Swinton, a claims representative for an insurance company in Warren, New Jersey, who lost nearly $20,000 in the stock market before switching to a principal-protected variable annuity.
However, because Medicaid requires full disclosure of certain recent gifts, and because other problems can occur (for example, gift tax), many clients may be better off creating a private annuity to shed excess wealth.