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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments

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If the annuity payout is to be on a variable basis, however, the amount annuitized (either a lump sum, in the case of an immediate variable annuity, or, in a deferred variable annuity, the current value of the accumulation unitsthe owner wishes to annuitize) is not converted to a fixed income stream by applying an annuity payout factor.
A new rule of thumb seems in order for this time of financial stress for many retirees: 'Annuitize and invest the difference."
Myth 1: This says that people who annuitize (or take lifetime annuities) leave smaller estates.
(5) I found that a measure of annuity value, derived from a life-cycle model with mortality uncertainty, is significantly correlated with intentions to annuitize assets in defined contribution plans.
Consumers and advisors generally have not wanted to annuitize, Ferrer explains.
Using the example above, suppose a 65-year-old male annuitizes his $500,000 annuity over his lifetime.
A dollar-for-dollar withdrawal provision allows clients to take their 5% or 6% annual increase for payments each year and then annuitize their original investment after the 10-year waiting period.