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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments

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To allow this trade, [euro]3.3 billion (annuitised) is spent on additional transmission in the National scenario, and [euro]6.2 billion when renewables are coordinated; these figures decrease by about 10% with demand response.
Exposure to growth assets within the new accounts, once annuitised, would be capped at 50 per cent, helping to protect both the budget and self-funded retirees.
Remainder must be annuitised by age 75, taxed as income.
Another question is whether balances have to be annuitised or can be withdrawn lump-sum in part or in total.
It follows that, abstracting income taxes, the domestic real wage in the micro-state is exogenously determined by the foreign real wage adjusted downwards for annuitised migration costs[3].
Despite slight modifications in details, from 1956 the general principle of UK pension policy was that pension wealth accumulated in a personal pension should be annuitised at retirement.