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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments

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Annuities are offered by life insurance companies but operate as retirement accounts.
Private annuities are a powerful tool in Medicaid planning.
ii) If the bank refers a consumer to a seller of insurance products or annuities and the bank has a contractual arrangement to receive commissions or fees derived from the sale of an insurance product or annuity resulting from that referral; or
Research Shows Retirees and Near-Retirees Can Benefit from Fixed Annuities But Most Do Not Own, Know About or Understand Fixed Annuity Products
With those thoughts in mind, Best's Review asked four experienced advisers for their insights about retirement planning in general and use of annuities in particular.
For most CPAs, the basics of annuities are learned in their first accounting class.
Annuities are personal retirement vehicles that allow the owner to accumulate money in tax-deferred investment accounts and also to withdraw funds before his or her death.
While annuities are traditionally the province of insurance companies, there are situations in which private annuities (that is, annuities made between two individuals) make good tax sense.
Jackson National Life Insurance Company([R]) (Jackson(SM)) surpassed $11 billion in total retail and institutional sales in 2006, up nearly 21 percent over 2005, due to record sales of variable annuities (VAs).
Along with versatility, your client can exchange a variety of assets like Cash, Securities, Real Estate, CDs or Commercial Annuities for a guaranteed lifetime income.
Whether fixed or variable, annuities may be the thing for your portfolio
Variable annuities and mutual funds often compete for the same investment dollars because, like a "family" of mutual funds, a variable annuity allows the holder to invest in a similar range of professionally managed securities portfolios.
Until now, lifetime withdrawal benefit options were thought to be available only on individual variable annuities and fixed indexed annuities.