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the recipient of an annuity

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We re delighted to build upon our partnership with Prudential as we continue to focus on delivering a secure retirement for our annuitants.
Annuities pay a prespecified payment stream to their beneficiaries, the annuitants, for as long as they are alive, thereby providing a way of spreading an accumulated stock of resources over a lifetime of uncertain length and thus insuring against the risk of outliving one's resources.
First of all as the annuitant had not died but had benefited from mortality gain then surely that should be clawed back.
Managers seeking to employ a REA/WAE can request a list of annuitants through their Bureau REA/WAE coordinator or from HRSC@state.
Both structured settlement annuitants and lottery annuitants experience unique financial demands, which must be handled on a case by case basis.
The Equitable Members' Action group (Emag), which has been lobbying for the Government to do more to help the pre-1992 annuitants who missed out, said the payouts were like a "winter fuel payment on steroids".
In many ways, this was the challenge facing the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) when the decision was made to bring its Retired and Annuitant Pay Operations (R&A) function back in-house and undertake the largest insourcing effort in the history of the Department of Defense.
We have also been told that new directives are forthcoming to ensure that any annuitants that are currently on fixed long-term contracts for the next few years will be forced to take their 35 days unpaid annuitant breaks during the reserve unit stand downs at Christmas, which, coincidentally, are just over a month in length.
To avoid this, annuitants may structure the payout to last for the joint lifetimes of the annuitant and his or her spouse, or specify that the payments will continue to the annuitant's beneficiaries for a certain period if the annuitant dies prematurely
Some companies also match gifts from spouses, annuitants, and directors; and a few match volunteer hours, so be sure to check this out with your human resources department.
These were the final legal steps needed for the transfer of Channel Islands annuitants after the main scheme got the seal of approval from London's High Court last Friday.
Members of the FY2007 cohort of the Council for Excellence in Government's Acquisition Fellows Program are embarking upon a "Results Project" to explore the level of interest of retired federal contracting employees in working part-time as rehired annuitants to mentor and offer on-the-job training to new federal contracting employees.
Annuitants may access cash in an emergency and are guaranteed that the total income they or beneficiaries receive will never be less than the premium paid.
Since 65 percent of TIAA annuitants are women and minorities, their WBE initiative was well-supported from the chairman down to the real estate department.
The proposed regulations would also provide for separate sets of tables for annuitants and nonannuitants, because these two groups also have significantly different mortality experience (particularly true at typical ages for early retirees).