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the recipient of an annuity

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The court sympathizes with those who elected to retire and begin receiving a SURS annuity with the expectation that their status as a SURS annuitant would not prevent them from continuing to work part-time as adjunct faculty members," Kennelly wrote.
1: What happens to the money paid to the insurance company when the annuitant dies?
Possibly potential annuitants are aware of this without appreciating the insurance which is offered.
We also restrict the sample to the approximately 80 percent of annuitants who hold only one annuity policy, thereby avoiding the complexity of modeling the total annuity stream for individuals who hold multiple policies.
More than 1,800 annuitants are in the program, and 1,200 of them are employed.
Structured settlement annuitants are often on the receiving end of a payment stream because of personal loss, injury, or disability and depend on their payment stream as source of income because they are often unable to work due to those unfortunate circumstances that have befallen them.
Single Life Annuity for life - A fixed amount, guaranteed at the policy inception, will be paid to the annuitant throughout his/her life
The Equitable Members' Action group (Emag), which has been lobbying for the Government to do more to help the pre-1992 annuitants who missed out, said the payouts were like a "winter fuel payment on steroids".
6, that the objecting annuitants were not denied due process, as contended, and there was no merit to the contention of plaintiffs that the Supreme Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to include provisions which granted the receiver for ELNY judicial immunity and preliminary injunctive relief.
In many ways, this was the challenge facing the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) when the decision was made to bring its Retired and Annuitant Pay Operations (R&A) function back in-house and undertake the largest insourcing effort in the history of the Department of Defense.
We are also being told that annuitants (also known as double-dippers), who have been building their little empire [in the] full-time reserve army, will be put on a tighter leash for full-time contracts.
The annuity can be immediate or deferred and for a single life or the joint lives of two annuitants.
b) An annuity certain involves payment of a fixed amount or sum without regard to the life-expectancy of the annuitant or annuitants.
This is true because the payments generated by such annuities consist partly of a return on the original investment, partly of a return on earnings on the assets in which the capital is invested, and partly of a "mortality credit," meaning money not payable to annuitants who die.
These were the final legal steps needed for the transfer of Channel Islands annuitants after the main scheme got the seal of approval from London's High Court last Friday.