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the recipient of an annuity

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As per the contract, SRA will be responsible to develop and implement the Defense Retiree and Annuitant Pay System 2 with better capabilities designed to streamline processes and address user requirements efficiently.
With SRA's experienced PeopleSoft and military retiree and annuitant payroll subject matter experts and knowledge of enterprise resource planning, the company will partner with DLA and DFAS to develop and implement DRAS 2 with enhanced capabilities designed to streamline processes and provide auditable, sustainable, and flexible retiree and annuitant pay capability to better meet user needs.
We also observe detailed information on the type of annuity purchased, and the three characteristics of the annuitant that are used in pricing the annuity: the date of purchase, the annuitant's date of birth, and the annuitant's gender.
Now Pensions Minister Steve Webb says that annuitants should be able to 'unwind' their contracts.
Typically, from initial contact, representatives will confirm that a client is a qualified annuitant or recipient of a payment stream, and then get to know the financial needs of the customer and walk them through their options with no monetary obligation.
After retirement, when the annuitant dies, the surviving spouse only gets half of the member's pension.
10) As a robustness check, we verify that our calculations yield a lower mortality for annuitant cohort than the population cohort; for instance, a 65-year-old male in the general population has a mortality of 0.
8 million contract with the Defense Logistics Agency to update the defense retiree and annuitant pay system.
If the insurance company cannot observe the insured's individual mortality or if there is insufficient data on average annuitant mortality, adverse selection may lead to a misestimation of mortality experience for annuitants and thus to a difference between actual mortality and expected mortality, which is used in, for example, pricing and reserving.
Most advisors familiar with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits think that they are designed to incentivize the annuitant to defer income commencement.
We are also being told that annuitants (also known as double-dippers), who have been building their little empire [in the] full-time reserve army, will be put on a tighter leash for full-time contracts.
This survey will help determine whether or not agency managers have an interest in hiring retired annuitant personnel to mentor and offer on-the-job training to new acquisition personnel.
The move could reduce the pension for an average withprofits annuitant from around pounds 6,000 a year to pounds 4,260 if they suffered the full 29pc reduction.
These lifetime income annuities provide a stream of guaranteed income payments for life, no matter how long the annuitant lives.
Its responsibilities include annuitant services, benefits, the eTransit program, the Pathways Internship Program and more.