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Synonyms for annually



Synonyms for annually

without missing a year

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Musashi Auto Parts Michigan, Battle Creek: $1,430 for lighting upgrade, saving 9,000 kWh annually.
Genital Herpes: no proof of risk reduction, 92 million new cases annually, worldwide.
4 billion pounds and sales of nearly $1 billion annually.
Palmdale Water District General Manager Dennis LaMoreaux said experts are working in conjunction with the lawsuits to determine how much groundwater is pumped annually.
This is particularly significant because disk recording densities had been increasing on an average of 60% annually since the early 1990s.
Snack-food packaging consumed 163 million lb of PE resin and is projected to have lackluster growth of around 3% annually through 2004 and 2005.
Presented annually to the best women's basketball player in NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, Junior College/Community College, and High School.
San Antonio's long, hot summers cost residents about $555 annually in air conditioning costs.
We are running production around 200,000 ounces annually, and we are going to be targeting about 250,000 ounces annually.
While scientists still struggle to find exactly how that climactic atmospheric change occurs and how much warming we can actually expect (and what it means in terms of benefits, such as more abundant food crops, as well as risks), politicians and globocrats still meet annually and semi-annually (and sometimes semi-semi-annually) to write the rules which govern the rules written to implement the treaty if and when it ever goes into force.
A qualified interest includes (1) a right to receive, at least annually, fixed payments (a qualified annuity interest) and (2) a right to receive, annually, a fixed percentage of the trust corpus determined annually (a qualified unitrust interest).
This program announcement has application receipt dates of March 27, July 27, and November 27 annually.
Lotus Notes developers will receive average starting salaries of between $58,750 and $79,750 annually, up 14.
has helped save the 15,372-unit, middle-income cooperative development in The Bronx over $1 million annually in insurance premiums.
Thousands of people die annually of complications because the United States lacks an "effective national system" for curbing the epidemic, IOM contends.