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Synonyms for annually



Synonyms for annually

without missing a year

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The salaries in Mundelein are adjusted annually to reflect national wage trends.
Hart - Keyser High School/$5,000 annually for 4 years/Potomac State College
FAO states that it would require $44 billion annually to put an end to world hunger.
It said economic growth would be supported by an improvement in the primary sector by about 8.3 per cent annually, due to an increase in the irrigated land area, the introduction of new cultures and techniques and improvement of investment in agriculture and animal husbandry.EeEe It is expected that the secondary sector will grow by 11.5 per cent annually on the strength of a renewal of the internal market and improvement in exports.
"The GCC states spend around $800 million annually on tobacco products," they said.
Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP) (Salary up to $113,523 annually)
The coupon benchmark of the 4th series lies within the range of 7.7a7.95% annually (7.85a8.11% on the yield), 5th series - 7.6a7.8% annually (7.74a7.95% on the yield), 6th series - 7.5a7.65% annually (7.64a7.8% on the yield).
Mississippi ** 15 August annually; 1 August to 31 July reporting
The GMIB riders annually lock in the higher of market gains or roll-ups, while the latter does the same for the death benefit.
A COMPREHENSIVE SPENDING REVIEW, conducted by Vanderbilt University (Tenn.) and the media, revealed some interesting facts: renowned Chancellor Gordon Gee, 62, earns dose to $1.4 million annually; he has spent as much as $700,000 more on parties and a personal chef at his university mansion; the aforementioned mansion, Braeburn, has been renovated to the tune of $6 million since he was hired in 2000; and Gee's wife Constance has reportedly smoked marijuana at the campus residence.
Learning Annex hosts the largest wealth management seminars in the country, attracting over 40,000 attendees annually and featuring speakers such as Donald Trump, Robert Kiosaki and other prominent money management experts.
In areas with large, rapidly melting glaciers, such as the Austrian Alps, peaks are rising annually at rates of 0.4 mm or more.
The grants, awarded annually, are given by the agency's Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention.
The new airport, with an initial capacity of 45m will relieve Bangkok's current Don Muang Airport currently accommodating 38.5m passengers annually although it was designed to handle only 36m.
The population growth rate in India today is close to 1.4 percent annually. The new story in the world today is not population growth, but the great fertility decline.