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Synonyms for annually



Synonyms for annually

without missing a year

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Hepatitis B virus (HBV): no proof of risk reduction, 45 million new cases annually, worldwide.
Base compensation will range from $54,000 to $72,750 annually.
A GRUNT is an irrevocable trust in which the grantor retains the light to receive, at least annually, annuity payments that are a fixed percentage of the trust's assets, as revalued each year.
Other market segments, such as refrigerator compressors, power tools, computer and aircraft, are expected to grow more than 3% annually.
Department of Defense expenditures in California totaled more than $29 billion annually, with $11.
Presented annually to one coach in each of the collegiate divisions: Division I, Division II, Division Ill, NAJA and JC/CC-as well as high school
The income on the undistributed assets in the IRA is paid annually to the QTIP trust, and the QTIP trust distributes the income received from the IRA, along with any other QTIP trust income.
New Jersey had the highest premiums in the country in 1998, an average of $1,138 annually, according to the study, followed by the District of Columbia with $1,033 and New York with an average annual premium of $960.
labs annually use some 35 tons of mercury as a chemical reagent and catalyst, EPA estimates that only 0.
Current TPE consumption in Western Europe is about 495 million pounds annually - about triple the level used in Japan.
supply points with Power Measurement (Form 1B) annually about 303 000 kWh,b) small plants Electricity supply meter (Form 1C) annually about 286 000 kWh,c) small double-rate systems (Form 1D) annually: HT 83 000 kWh, NT 66 000 kWh,d) heat flux (Form 1E electrical heating), about 20 000 kWh,e) Street Lighting (Form 1F) annually approximately 1.
Department of Defense expenditures in California totaled over $29 billion annually, with $11.