annual parallax

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the parallax of a celestial body using two points in the earth's orbit around the sun as the baseline

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As the Earth moves through its orbit, stars should increase and decrease in magnitude, and their relative positions should change, yet no one had detected this annual parallax. Perhaps the parallax was too small to be observed, but that could be true only if stars were extremely distant from Earth.
Of course under hybrid geocentrism, with its unmoving Earth, there were no issues with annual parallax and vast stellar distances, and thus no titanic stars.
Analogue test has been executed in order to illustrate the influence of the annual parallax neglecting, onto values of calculated apparent positions of stars.
This proves their immense height, which makes the annual parallax vanish from before our eyes.
For two centuries, astronomers since Galileo and his student Benedetto Castelli had sought to detect the annual parallax motion that nearby stars ought to show if Earth were circling the Sun.
S&T senior editor Dennis di Cicco even made a project of measuring Barnard's Star weaving through its 1.1" of total annual parallax motion.
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