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Synonyms for annoy



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Synonyms for annoy

to trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations

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Synonyms for annoy

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Bloomfield had the sense to be shocked and annoyed at all this, but she had not sense to prevent it: she expected me to prevent it.
Teresa was very much annoyed, and left the table before the cheese, saying as she did so: 'There, Miss Lavish, is one who can confute you better than I,' and pointed to that beautiful picture of Lord Tennyson.
"You are a foolish child, and I cannot allow you to annoy me.
I would have departed by the back way, to get a last glimpse of Catherine and annoy old Joseph; but Hareton received orders to lead up my horse, and my host himself escorted me to the door, so I could not fulfil my wish.
"Because we have very important matters to communicate to one another, and it was impossible to talk five minutes in that inn without being annoyed by all those importunate fellows, who keep coming in, saluting you, and addressing you.
However, the brother of country crooner Nathan Carter admitted it annoys him when people put them in the same genre.
Dubai: Real estate brokers in Dubai have been told to stop direct calls to property owners not listed with them or to individuals as it annoys people, officials from Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) and Dubai police said on Sunday.
'If we are looking at something that annoys somebody, we have to look at its intent and objectively,' Americk said.
And finally to the expression that always annoys me when delivered by comperes of variety shows as they introduce the next star or performer or talent show hopeful: "Give it up for ..."
From being an incessant 'game sharer' to parents who are constantly sharing the achievements and successes of their children, check out the list below of 'facebook foibles' and tell us which one annoys you the most:
We asked, what type of colleague annoys you the most?
GENESIS star Phil Collins has admitted he was "too cocky" on stage and annoys himself when he watches his past performances.
"YOU want to know what really annoys me?" I asked the current Mrs Groves, just as she sucked the last of the butter off the tail of her kipper.
What annoys me more than anything else is the fact that people were getting on our buses when they should have been getting the replacement Metro service.
Julie: He has a bit of a temper, but there's nothing that annoys me.