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Synonyms for annoyer

someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity)

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It went: "Oh, thou demon Drink, thou fell destroyer; Thou curse of society, and its greatest annoyer.
Wonderful co-workers include `survival expert' Gareth (Mackenzie Crook), Tim (Martin Freeman), the newly-promoted annoyer of Gareth and monosyllabic Keith (Ewan Macintosh) - who actually lists eczema as a weakness on his work assessment report.
It should exasperate philosophers, linguists, cognitive psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists alike." Yes, Fodor is an equal-opportunity annoyer. He sees no job for conceptual analysts, no hope for lexical semanticists, and no need for prototype theorists.
The availability of a long series of specimens procured in 2005-2012 by Philippe Annoyer and Philippe Moretto from the Central African Republic provided the possibility to divide them into seven taxonomic units, vaguely similar to T.
You are an Incompetent Annoyer as you want success without putting in the dedication and hard work that goes with achievement.
The five-and-a-half-inch green gun shot the most dangerous ammo available: hollow-point foam bullets, know as sister annoyers on the street.
The model that Thorndike used to explain this phenomenon included the terms, satisfiers and annoyers. Satisfiers were "things we do nothing to avoid and frequently strive to attain," annoyers were defined "as those things we do nothing to attain and frequently strive to avoid." The basic principle governing learning, therefore, was the presentation of a satisfier immediately after a response (or reaction) strengthened the bond or connection between the stimulus and the response.
According to Farah, the young woman being pinched ran into the street to get away from her annoyers and was in danger of being hit by a car.