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  • verb

Synonyms for announce

Synonyms for announce

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

to make known the presence or arrival of

Synonyms for announce

announce publicly or officially


give the names of

Related Words

foreshadow or presage

References in classic literature ?
"H'm!--no, I'm not afraid of that, you see; I have to announce you, that's all.
"Now how on earth am I to announce a man like that?" muttered the servant.
All you have to do is to announce me as Prince Muishkin, and the object of my visit will be plain enough.
In either case, how was he to announce this singular visitor?
I can't announce a visitor like yourself without the secretary.
When they announce the sentence, you know, and prepare the criminal and tie his hands, and cart him off to the scaffold--that's the fearful part of the business.
"Sir," said Chatillon, "if you bring bad tidings it will be cruel in you to announce them to the queen."
"Usher," interposed the cardinal, aloud, "announce Master Jacques Coppenole, clerk of the aldermen of the illustrious city of Ghent."
He bent towards his neighbor, the Abbé of Saint Geneviéve, and said to him in a low tone,--"Fine ambassadors monsieur the archduke sends here, to announce to us Madame Marguerite!"
"Under threat of arrest, Nyack, N.Y., mayor John Shields abandons plans to join New Paltz's West in marrying gay couples and instead announces his intention to challenge the state in court.
announces the sale of a portfolio of 3l buildings with a total of approximately 1,050 units in the Flatbush, Crown Heights, Prospect Park and Park Slope sections of Brooklyn.
September 1982: Falwell announces a drive to register 1 million new voters before the November elections.
1956 In Sept., IBM announces the first commercial disk drive, the RAMAC 350 having 5MB of capacity on a 24-inch diameter platter and priced at $7,800 per MB.