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Most ring announcers don't start until they're in their late 30s, so I have a good age advantage.
The list of Fenway PA announcers goes back to 1958 and Jay McMaster.
It follows the 44-year-old's roles as match day announcer, first at Manchester City and then Manchester United.
Jim's first game as stadium announcer was a 1-1 draw with Everton on August 30, 1986.
What recent event is the television announcer describing?
A welsh football stadium announcer has become the latest to land in hot water over comments that poke fun at the opposition.
which are after all an integral part of some programmes,particularly atmospheric dramas The worst offender still has to be Sky 1, which has a particularly raucous announcer who must frighten the life out of The Simpsons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with her squakings.
Sir, - As a former BBC announcer you will understand that I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by Brian Disbury (Post, Apr 4) and Keith Homer (Post, Apr 8) for a return to the Received Pronunciation English understood throughout the UK.
An announcer at Boston's Logan International Airport wrongly announced a flight yesterday (11 September) while nervous passengers waited to board.
Keizo Takahashi, a former popular announcer at Japan Broadcasting Corp.
I was at a Onion Lake powwow and on Friday night, the announcer got tired and asked for someone to help him.
Besides his responsibilities of breaking down game video and handling all of the program's technological issues, Civita also is Canyon's public address announcer for football, baseball, basketball and track.
Keith Cameron, play-by-play announcer for the ABA Game of the Week, is the announcer for Hesperia's 30-second spot.
Something missing: Hatcher, a former Twin, admitted there was a void at the Metrodome without verbose public-address announcer Bob Casey, who died of liver cancer March 27.
Previous to joining Telemundo, Cantor was Univision Network's top soccer play-by-play announcer for 13 years.