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a commentator who writes notes to a text

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In the scientific community, an obvious fact is that the annotator's knowledge can be reflected in papers he published and approaches he focused on, which can be obtained from the Internet or other public data source.
First, the annotator has already searched for the structures to score and marked them visibly on the screen.
Though his work as an annotator is in many ways, as Jackson suggests, "quite in keeping with the habits of his contemporaries" (157), William Blake is, I think, a uniquely interesting annotator because he was himself a maker of books, in addition to his being a poet, painter, and engraver.
If the cuts demonstrate a pragmatic attitude on the part of the play's author and reviser, the theatrical annotator's treatment of stage directions is perhaps even more revealing of the practical nature of playhouse textual supplementation.
Robert Faggen, editor and annotator of this volume, writes in the introduction that Robert Frost's secretary reported, in her own book, that notebooks of varying sizes and forms were the poet's "constant companions such that he took one with him wherever he traveled" (xiii).
She has also been a music critic and a program annotator and continues to study classical piano privately.
Smith's script risks lessons in Latin, with a gleeful riff on sum ("I am"), and an onstage Annotator supplies plenty of hilarious footnotes.
LINGOES consists of an annotator (OntoGloss), a Change Management module and an RDF repository.
Crestron has released its UPX2 Universal Presentation Processor, which integrates touchpanel control with a pen-based annotator, seamless video switcher, multiwindow digital video processor, and embedded multimedia PC.
Veri-Scribe's Annotator allows users to: add notes and attachments that are time-synchronized with the audio recording; access stock phrases with hot keys; attach documents, images and drawings to the timeline; and quickly search for and play back important elements of the recording.
The balance of the program, recorded by Spain's Orquesta Ciudad de Granada under the baton of Josep Pons, includes the "Concierto para arpa y orquesta" in three movements, featuring harpist Magdalena Barrera, which represents, according to annotator Victor Estape, a transition between Ginastera's "subjective nationalism" and "neo-expressionism" periods.
A hypothesis that the perceived position of the annotator shapes students' conceptions of the rhetorical task is advanced and lent limited support.
The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (he of the Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan, and opium dreams) was a vigorous annotator. Indeed, as H.
These little essays on literary puzzles are jeux d'esprit, spinoffs of Sutherland's sleuthing as an annotator of fiction, which, both for scholars and novel readers, is an invaluable aid for those of us who feel that Thackeray's references to Mrs.