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the act of adding notes

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Reading and annotating PDFs is similarly easy, with the standard scrolling interface for reading and the ability to hide the annotating toolbar.
EndNote for iPad is most useful for collecting citations and annotating PDFs on-the-go, providing an excellent way to read and annotate literature while keeping it organized and centralized.
Lexical and structural annotations are used within that context for annotating the models.
Section 5 introduces the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) [36] model as example of reference domain ontology for annotating the models content.
(And it is a good example of just how materially complicated annotating can be.) Jackson implies that Blake's copy of Lavater was seen by Fuseli, though she notes that "under the circumstances, it is remarkable that he ever let it out of his hands" (156); however, there are other hands at work in the volume (unidentified in the major Blake editions), so he clearly did more than just show his copy to others, and they did annotate the already annotated volume.
In bringing these documents together and so thoroughly and so ably annotating them and providing a rich context for their understanding, Miller and his collaborators have rendered a tremendous service to the scholarly community and they should be congratulated.
The result is the same as annotating the older documents with the new ontology.
EDAconduit is also capable of back annotating InterComm red-line markups into Allegro layout and schematic tools.
Although Reisman and Booker-Canfield have done a service to the literary community by listing and annotating these sources, their book could profit from a reworking of the introduction and a more careful review of the entire text.
Hypertext communities, on the other hand, will "incorporate" (interesting word) temporarily "distant" (also interesting) users, each using and annotating the same text over an indefinite and perhaps infinite period of time.
Retired American writing instructor Marks has been collecting and annotating the satirical poems by 'Arry for many years, and here presents them along with explanations for what and who is being mocked and why.
This electronic flip chart replaces one-dimensional tools, such as flip charts or videoconferencing, with an environment in which local and remote users can collaborate live by sharing, annotating, saving, recalling, displaying and distributing information, regardless of distance or time zone.
CTD will be the first publicly available database to a) provide annotated associations among genes, proteins, references, and toxic agents, with a focus on annotating data from aquatic and mammalian organisms; b) include nucleotide and protein sequences from diverse species; c) offer a range of analysis tools for customized comparative studies; and d) provide information to investigators on available molecular reagents.
The entries are organized into three sections: the first annotating primary sources--novels, short story collections, anthologies; the second annotating secondary sources, including book chapters and journal articles of literary criticism; and the third listing author biographies, interviews and memoirs.