anno Domini

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in the Christian era


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It was a late October day at the Center for Superior Studies of Medieval Civilization in Poitiers, France, anno Domini 1975, when I first received news about my father's plans for a new publication in a postcard signed "Dad.
My degree, at least what of it I can decipher without looking at the translation that came with it, indicates that on XXIII MAII ANNO DOMINI MMIV, the Scholare Juris of Collegii Georgiopolitam gave me a Juris Doctorem.
AD represents the Latin term Anno Domini meaning "in the year of our Lord" while BC means "before Christ".
It made the Anno Domini calendar a thing of the past and the world of squabbling nations a thing of pre-mondial thinking as well.
Aristotle questioningly nods toward Ptolemy) Most accurate accounts place Nicolaus at roughly 100 to 150 years AD, Anno Domini, or, years after the birth of Christ.
Archie MacPherson: ``And then there was Johan Cruyff, who at 35 added a whole new meaning to the word anno domini.
His parents said they were astonished to hear pupils were no longer using AD - short for Anno Domini, the Latin for in the year of our Lord - and BC, meaning Before Christ.
Both are in good form and I expect good runs from them but maybe anno domini is beginning to tell," said the Rosewell House trainer.
His manuscript, Madonna Anno Domini, won the 1996 Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets and is forthcoming in 1997 from Louisiana State University Press.