anno Domini

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in the Christian era


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"I have had a great fun commentating and I will miss it a lot, but anno domini and all that-it's a young man's game and the eye-sight might not be as good as it has been in the past."
YORK: 2.35 High And Low, 3.45 Josr Algarhoud, 4.15 Anno Domini, 5.15 Night Shot.
A gelding by Archway, who cost 7,400gns as a yearling, the juvenile made a very pleasing debut at Pontefract two weeks ago, running on into third place behind the useful Anno Domini.
Swynford Welcome achieved only a moderate level of form in finishing fourth to Anno Domini in the juvenile auction maiden, but did well to get as close as she did, with this bare form very much underplaying her talents.
His Latin motto 'Artibus Legibus Consiliis Locum Municipes Constituerunt Anno Domini MLCCCXLI' (For Arts, Law and Counsel the townspeople built this place in 1841) is still clear to see on the south facade of the hall, but this was not by unanimous choice.
They also found out that Celts put them into soil in times of battles at the beginning of anno Domini.
The 20 spaces to the left represent 20 centuries before Christ (BC) and 20 spaces to the right of Jesus signify 20 centuries after Christ or AD (Anno Domini).
Pan--the caprine god of wilderness, shepherds, and rustic music-died in the traditional Anno Domini 1, symbolically marking the passage in the West from the mystery cults of Greco-Roman paganism to the universalizing morality of Christianity.
While it may seem unusual to today's modern, Anno Domini world, the original St.
He was also the first historian to use the Anno Domini (AD) dating system, and his work was influential in its adoption throughout western Europe.
The word "calendar" in Arabic, roznama, is of Persian origin, and combines the two words: "roz," which means "day," and "nama" which means "book," hence "the book of days." Today, there are two types of calendars used: the lunar or Arabic calendar, and the solar or Frankish, Christian, or "anno domini" calendar.
A Survey of Church History, Part 4 Anno Domini 1600-1800
87 of Shrewsbury entered into eternal life surrounded by his family, on Sunday, October 26th 2014, Anno Domini. He was born January 27, 1927, in Worcester to Andrew V.
Paul Webber, trainer of Australia Day For once everything appears to be in his favour, although maybe the one downside is anno domini could be catching up with him and this will probably be his last summer racing.
After Room 101, Dale was invited to exhibit at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose, California, and spent a gap year studying abstract art at California State University in Longbeach.