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a total destroyer

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The idea behind the Annihilator is to provide the best experience for the end-user Co whether they are playing games, working on their documents or enjoying the latest movie in high-definition The PC uses the fastest components available today which have been water-cooled to make them run even faster.
The Annihilator runs on Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core QX9650 processor running at a clock speed of 3.
Throughout this paper, the annihilator [LAMBDA] [perpendicular to] of [LAMBDA] will be written H.
Since delivery in May, the Annihilator has been processing some of the toughest hurricane debris imaginable, with more on the way.
The stars aligned for Jim Greco's Hammer Report, with an Opera-House lockout leading to the biggest switch backside flip of all time for unknown annihilator DJ Gaudin.
THRASH metal pioneers Annihilator head to Birmingham next Friday where nothing less than a blistering assault on both mind and body can be expected at the Academy 2.
For a ring R, let U be a subset of R, then the left annihilator of U (rep, right annihilator of U) is the set a [member of] R such that aU = 0 (res, is the set a [member of] R such that Ua = 0).
The Annihilator runs on Intel[R] Core(tm) 2 Extreme Quad-Core QX9650 processor running at a clock speed of 3.
After consulting with some friends and colleagues in the industry, Claunch says he purchased a CBI Annihilator with an 8 foot-by-10.
whose annihilator in R(G) is the ideal generated by the additive group P of the primitive elements of R(G) and the elements {q -- 1} where q belongs to the multiplicative group Q of the infinitely divisible group-like elements of R(G).
an affiliate of Paws Off(R) Tools, introduces The Annihilator Diamond in the Ruff(TM) Reciprocating Saw Blade.
M](*) are the left annihilator of a subset of M in S and the right annihilator of a subset of S in M, respectively.
Recall that the annihilator of an element r in a commutative ring R is the collection, denoted ann(r), of elements s in R with the property that rs = 0.