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wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction

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However, here's another side of the nuclear bomb which we usually see as "annihilative" and "a total peril to human existence" - it can actually save humanity from a major asteroid that threats to destroy civilization.
Time does mark the distinction between the annihilative and the emancipatory in Agamben's thought; but, beyond the time of the messianic event, Christian or not, is a more complex construction of the evental time of enunciation that is bound up with negativity and presence.
Say we draw on apocalyptic tropes to represent climate change--as Lawrence Buell ambivalently points out, "the concept of annihilative apocalypse itself is as old as Lucretius" (1995, 299).
The allusion to killing indicates Lorde's understanding of the annihilative undercurrent of recognition in its psychoanalytic incarnation, writing of these faceoffs, "Erase or be Erased!
She is driven by an annihilative impulse, one embodied by her compulsive knitting; both are ceaseless, offering no reprieve.
It is thus not escape into an alternate reality but rather into the annihilative nonbeing of the withdrawal of one's soul, i.e., temporary oblivion: "I have abandoned myself" That is, of course, a last resort, the only way possible to preserve the sanctity of the innocent remainder of the whole self, the core of the individual's "imperishable personal spirit" (49).
If such was true, then others would have also been fully aware of the implications of anti-Semitism and its annihilative conclusions.
Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, "Rainbow, Snow, and the Poplar's Song: The 'Annihilative Naming' of Israeli Military Practices" [825-842]
Unlike these films, Belle Epoque plays with gender boundaries rather than continuing filmic visions of annihilative sexuality.
New research shows that some of their brain cells remain intact through the supposedly annihilative process.
The reader, along with some of Lawrence's central figures here, wants to escape from a hostile world, wants not to confront its annihilative power yet must go forward to encounter its underworld faces and forms.
The enemy, as such, thus occupies the zone of 'bare life', the subject that dwells outside of the space of bio-politics and wanders the treacherous valleys of the shadow of sovereignty, whose blade hovers above, immanently waiting to strike with annihilative force.
"What good," Joron asks, "is poetry at a time like this?" He names the usual ideas, the power to unclothe ideology, to give voice to what has been denied voice, to counsel, to console, and so on, and then proposes an unusual and paradoxical value, namely poetry's power to sing "the blues," by which he means not at all a world of pathos, but a swerve "counter to the cumulative," an alignment with what is "missing" while everything else is "massing here." In a society that can achieve "unity" only through hatred of an external army, in a "war of annihilative vengeance," to lie down with defeat, Joron argues, to play the game of "decay's cadences," to help "the decanted words flow back into the vessel's mouth," is to veer to victory.
A trunk containing hundreds of James Joyce's letters to, and presumably from, Lucia, given by Joyce to Maria Jolas to dispose of, has likewise vanished into the annihilative maw of the famille Joyce.
Indeed, annihilative, blissful sex may be our best consolation against, and distraction from, our personal insecurities, our religious beliefs and, most important, our own impending deaths.