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Synonyms for annihilative

wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction

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New research shows that some of their brain cells remain intact through the supposedly annihilative process.
The reader, along with some of Lawrence's central figures here, wants to escape from a hostile world, wants not to confront its annihilative power yet must go forward to encounter its underworld faces and forms.
In a society that can achieve "unity" only through hatred of an external army, in a "war of annihilative vengeance," to lie down with defeat, Joron argues, to play the game of "decay's cadences," to help "the decanted words flow back into the vessel's mouth," is to veer to victory.
A trunk containing hundreds of James Joyce's letters to, and presumably from, Lucia, given by Joyce to Maria Jolas to dispose of, has likewise vanished into the annihilative maw of the famille Joyce.
No matter how profound Kafka's vision of nowhere is, it is ultimately annihilative.
The implication is that the intimate service of vassalage involves sacrifice, but that resistance to that imperative is annihilative.
This site, he elaborates, "is moreover so riven with contradictions about person, place, and time--since one speaks, and yet is dead, since one takes possession at a moment of dispossession, since one occupies a temporary split between a future that one will never occupy and a present one is evacuating--that the contradictions, rather than being annihilative, are productive" (119).
If anything, we've witnessed a rise in the barrage of dark, hopeless and annihilative images and words churned out by TV, movies, music, Internet web sites and video games.
Not only is Zen's self-enlightenment analogous to Daniels's, but the outlook of life Wright's protagonist achieves at the end of the story is not as negative and annihilative as that of a nihilist.