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Synonyms for annihilated

destroyed completely

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The Labour Party under Corbyn's leadership will be annihilated at the next general election and the rot will then begin to set in, even among the thousands of Corbyn admirers who were sold the dream that Corbyn could win in 2020 and deliver a socialist utopia.
Annihilated by bomb expert, the bag was seen to contain cloth.
It is the racist ideology of Zionism that needs to be annihilated in order to pave way for a national referendum and an all-inclusive government that would represent the interests of Jews, Muslims and Christians alike in a free and democratic Palestine.
County languish pointless in bottom spot after their fifthstraight defeat, annihilated by straight defeat, annihilated by a superior Accies side.
Anti-terror operation will go on until all militants are annihilated UKRAINE DEPUTY PM
It was obvious in the way he just annihilated the field and he proved it in no uncertain terms when winning the Champion Bumper.
Electrically charged leptons are formed when the color charges of quarks and antiquarks with different flavors are annihilated, while neutrinos are formed when both the electric and color charges of quarks and antiquarks with the same flavor are annihilated.
CDATA[ Vegetation in the Golan reserve is believed to have been annihilated, but caged vultures in a special breeding program were evacuated.
Tatevosyan is a world-class opponent and I got in there and annihilated him in two rounds.
The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have to suffer much, and several nations will be annihilated.
Tampa got hit by one and the rest of Florida got annihilated by two others, one of which was a category five, the highest category on the hurricane destruction charts.
But the objects' functionality has been annihilated, for they were covered with sheaths of black adhesive leather, revealing the objects' shapes but mummifying them, as it were, while subjecting them to an act of negation.
Papers passed to the Cabinet assumed a massive nuclear attack which could have annihilated around a quarter of the population in the event of a Soviet strike.
Then, an environmental cataclysm annihilated Therapsids as well as 90 percent of all other plant and animal life.
Seven decades after Lillian Hellman's play The Children's Hour validated and annihilated lesbian desire in the same breath, Possession returns gay women to the back of the bus, relegating Blanche to the thankless role of the long-suffering, suicidal doormat.