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Synonyms for annex

Synonyms for annex

to add as a supplement or an appendix

a part added to a main structure

Synonyms for annex

an addition that extends a main building

take (territory) as if by conquest

attach to

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Earlier, negotiators from both sides had signed the annexes on transitional arrangements and modalities, revenue generation and wealth sharing and power sharing.
Both groups pledged to focus on completing the annexes following the break.
Others are new, such as Annex I, Part I (advances of maintenance payments) and Annexes III and IV (specific rules applicable to health care benefits).
He said that the two panels were still discussing the annexes on wealth sharing and normalization.
The event featured technical discussion from all of the association's working groups and outlined a full spectrum of annexes under development.
The annexes to the deed of commitment to be filled by the candidates:
The same structure has been retained for the annexes (Annex I on waste generation; Annex II on recycling and processing waste and Annex III containing a table converting different statistical measures) but the content of the first two annexes has been changed.
That project would open up that possibility, because right now the city only annexes contiguous land,'' Bertoni said.
PCCA STD-101 establishes conventions for uniform extension of its own scope and content through Annexes.
In a Decision adopted at the end of December, the European Commission expressed its wish to remove certain provisions from sector-specific annexes to the Agreement of 22 June 1998 between the United States and the EU on Mutual Recognition (Decision 1999/78/EC), in order to permit the entry into force of the operational phase of some of its annexes.