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Synonyms for annex

Synonyms for annex

to add as a supplement or an appendix

a part added to a main structure

Synonyms for annex

an addition that extends a main building

take (territory) as if by conquest

attach to

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Delany illustrates this point in descriptions of conflicts between annexationist creoles and Cuba's Spanish government.
Groups such as the Puerto Rican section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party advocated strong pro-American annexationist tendencies.
In the antebellum period, annexationist speculation ranged from the Polk administration's proposals to purchase the island from Spain to illicit attempts to forcibly "liberate" the island.
134) The husbands of Afong's older daughters were all active American annexationists, and when the day arrived on August 12, 1898, to transfer sovereignty to the United States, Afong's daughters decorated Iolani Palace for the Annexation Ball.
Marti depicts the annexationists as "traitors" in this letter, which is a term that he will extend to all Latin Americans who deny their national roots in his essay "El Congreso de Washington" (September 1889) and later in "Madre America" (December 1889).
When Polk won a narrow victory over Clay, annexationists claimed a popular mandate for their position.
With the help of the Cuban case --cubanists versus annexationists in the 19th century-- it criticizes various generalizations of the concepts of nationalism and identity in the colonial context.
Their great fear was that, if the dissatisfied Manitoba Metis supported American annexationists, Manitoba would withdraw from Confederation and join the United States.
Many annexationists saw union with the United States as the key to Canadian prosperity, although the movement also had francophobic elements.
The immediate annexationists controlled not only the foreign-policy agenda but also all the executive patronage.
According to Kardash, Riel "helped to defend the country against the conspiracy of US annexationists.
Those who leave are betraying not the revolution but the nation: They are not called counterrevolutionaries, as they might have been in the early 1960s, but anti-Cuban--in political terms, annexationists, and in sociological terms, assimilated.
He has traced their formation and the shifting dynamics among exiles with distinct visions: autonomists, annexationists, nationalists, liberal elites, radical tobacco workers, exhausted refugees, labor organizers, anarchists, advocates of independence, revolutionary theorists, politicized bandits, and military leaders.
Annexationists soon resorted to the more numerically permissive device of ordinary lawmaking in the form of a joint resolution.
The US was intent on fending off foreign designs on Hawaii, but colonialism was not yet a major force in Washington, DC, and the annexationists among the white Hawaiian oligarchy were not getting very far.