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Synonyms for annex

Synonyms for annex

to add as a supplement or an appendix

a part added to a main structure

Synonyms for annex

an addition that extends a main building

take (territory) as if by conquest

attach to

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As Puerto Rican annexationists became increasingly more vocal, Hanna attempted to help them reach this goal.
Freehling suggests that "southern annexationists appeared to be playing fast and loose with majoritarian rules [and their] disregard for any republican procedure in their way caused Yankees and even key Southerners to bridle at their bullying.
The US was intent on fending off foreign designs on Hawaii, but colonialism was not yet a major force in Washington, DC, and the annexationists among the white Hawaiian oligarchy were not getting very far.
In 1898, with benevolent annexationist activities extending from Cuba to the Philippines, the twentieth century began.
In fact the success of LaFontaine's party in forming the government in 1848 might well have brought to a quicker end Thomson's municipal system had it not been for the suburban politicians who associated themselves with the annexationist movement in 1849.
This is a fundamentally flawed piece of legislation: it is anti-democratic, discriminatory, annexationist, and altogether unconstitutional.
The United States is intensifying the economic war, the internal subversion, the anti-Cuba propaganda and the pressures on the rest of the world designed to pave the way for a direct military intervention that would destroy the Revolution, end our independence and sovereignty, and realize the old annexationist fantasy of seizing control of Cuba.
Obama's deep ties to American Zionist policies and organizations and their loyalties to the new far right wing Israeli annexationist regime precludes the pursuit of any policy which could open the way toward a 'two-state' resolution of the conflict.
Annexationists eyeing the Prairies and infiltrating Louis Riel's inner circle certainly led to a greater push for the continental railroad and the establishment of the paramilitary North-West Mounted Police, now the RCMP.
Cleveland withdrew the treaty and tried to find some way to repair the damage that the annexationists had done.
It is also unfortunate that Christopher Pennington's excellent study of the 1891 election came out too late for Gwyn to use because It does flesh out in much detail the ties between Canadian politicians and American annexationists and provides some striking new evidence based on discoveries in American archives.
annexationists and navy strategic planners who aimed to make Hawai'i the property of the United States.