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Synonyms for annex

Synonyms for annex

to add as a supplement or an appendix

a part added to a main structure

Synonyms for annex

an addition that extends a main building

take (territory) as if by conquest

attach to

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On the one hand, pro-slavery annexationists viewed the island as an opportunity for expanding the United States' slave power.
An early peace might thwart months of annexationist activity.
In the antebellum period, annexationist speculation ranged from the Polk administration's proposals to purchase the island from Spain to illicit attempts to forcibly "liberate" the island.
5) Schultz was a member of the Canada First Party, an annexationist group, and while not representing all central Canadians, it represented the interests of many Ontarians.
85) Perez describes Wood as "an unabashed annexationist, [well] attuned' to the policy signals emitted from the White House.
The radical Right's use of violence against MW women partly stemmed from its frustration at the change of public mood against their annexationist position.
Napoleon is portrayed in unflattering terms--cynical, ruthless, ambitious, vindictive--but, more importantly, as the incarnation of the evils, including militarism, spawned by the French Revolution and destined to pursue the aggressive, annexationist policies inherited by that revolution from the old regime.
In the case of the occupied Palestinian territory, the clear pursuit of a set of measures by key Western states aimed at ensuring Israel's compliance with the Convention could have limited the feasibility of Israel pursuing an annexationist agenda and could perhaps have facilitated the pursuit of policy options less injurious to a future settlement.
Polk, an ardent annexationist who made the issue a centerpiece of his campaign.
The Cuban Revolution arose out of resistance to such annexationist notions.
Chavez warned that the Free Trade Area of the Americas was "an annexationist plan" of the United States.
There were three more annexationist plots and rebellions over the next few years, but like the ones before them, they were defeated by the betrayal of informants and the lack of widespread Creole support.
As stereotypically annexationist (or 'globalist,' a synonym) as Gates may be, he is not the only African-American scholar to insist on the innate Americanness of the slave narrative.
Grant's views of the Defence Crisis of 1963 are highly pertinent to missile shield discussions today, as are his invocation (after Diefenbaker) of the Annexationist Manifesto of 1849 (30), his insistence on the importance of "the French fact" (38) in Canada's past and future, or his coupling of "Corporation capitalism and liberalism' (98).