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Synonyms for annex

Synonyms for annex

to add as a supplement or an appendix

a part added to a main structure

Synonyms for annex

an addition that extends a main building

take (territory) as if by conquest

attach to

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This is the sixth acquisition for Annex Brands since 2006.
I haven't heard bad things," Tracy Ricklefs, a business student at IUPUC, said about the Annex.
The Houthis modified the annex before signing it, if there were no modifications they would have signed the annex earlier when they signed the agreement," he said.
A major portion on the annex on normalisation involves the decommissioning of weapons of members of the MILF.
Annex IV extends the right to benefits in kind for pensioners returning to the competent member state (Article 27 of the regulation).
All five Annex meetings have provided useful forums to focus research efforts and exchange information, providing researchers with the opportunity for informal, face-to-face interaction.
Annex III: the list of existing active substances which have been identified but for which no notification has been accepted and no Member State has shown an interest.
The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the requirements of the MTCR guidelines, including the annex of controlled items, and the role of the MTCR in the management of security cooperation and/or foreign military sales programs.
The host bus adapters are the basic interface point because this is the first annex going back through the disk arrays and SCSI devices.
The proposal, called Annex 2001, is an amendment to the Great Lakes Charter of 1985.
The convention lists participating countries in two designations: the Annex I and Annex II Parties.
An archaeological museum in a cathedral annex on the west coast of italy pays tribute to the rich and ancient history of the area.
They believe they have a right to annex any outlying area with an appealing tax base, then take their time delivering the services those taxes are supposed to pay for.
A detailed description of the subject of the order is included in the price calculation for the given part of the item and the offer is made in "quality requirements of raw materials being the subject of the order" constituting an attachment to the price calculation: 1) enclose 3a to siwz for part 1 2) annex 3b to siwz for part 2 3) annex 3c to siwz for part 3 4) annex 3d to siwz for part 4 5) annex 3e to siwz for part 5 6) annex 3f to siwz for part number 6 7) annex 3g to the siwz for part number 7 8) annex 3h to siwz for part 8 9) annex 3i to siwz for part number 9 10) annex 3j to siwz for part number 10 11) annex 3k to siwz for part number 11 12) annex 3l to siwz for part number 12 2.
He said only the annex on power-sharing was likely to be completed by the government and MILF peace panels when the two meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this week for another round of talks.