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Synonyms for annelid

relating to or belonging to or characteristic of any worms of the phylum Annelida

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oregonensis, and the annelid larvae were maintained at 12-14 [degrees]C.
Species Groups 09:00 12:30 09:00 Amatitlania A1 - A2 Nematod + Annelid Flake feed Nematod + Annelid nigrofasciata Amatitlania B1 - B2 Flake feed Flake feed Flake feed nigrofasciata Herotilapia A3 - A4 Nematod + Annelid Flake feed Nematod + Annelid multispinosa Herotilapia B3 - B4 Flake feed Flake feed Flake feed multispinosa
Nevertheless, over the last decade, the training of young taxonomists has expanded investigation to other groups, such as polyclad flatworms (Quiroga, Bolanos, & Litvaitis, 2004), lophophorates (Florez-Romero, Montoya-Cadavid, Reyes-Forero, & Santodomingo, 2007), sipunculan annelids (Gomez, Ardila, & Sanjuan-Munoz, 2013), and nemerteans (Gonzalez-Cueto, Quiroga, & Norenburg, 2014).
An ecological study of the polychaetous annelids associated with fouling material in Los Angeles Harbor with reference to pollution.
They have been affiliated with various groups of invertebrates, such as sponges (stromatoporoids), cnidarians, fusulines, bryozoans, annelids and molluscs.
(52) These beds contain abundant and diverse sponges and cnidarians, as well as priapulid worms, annelid worms, lobopods, stem mollusks such as Wiwaxia, and brachiopods.
Figures 3(a), 3(b), and 3(c) show an example for a comparison of XRD spectra of germanium films that annelid to various temperatures (500[degrees]C, 525[degrees]C, and 550[degrees]C).
complanata can parasitize annelid worms, larvae of amphibiotic insects, fish eggs, and cocoons of leeches [26].
Once might reasonably assume that the climatic regime and nutrient-poor soil characteristic of equatorial Amazonia would not be suitable for a large, burrowing annelid. However, the large size of individuals (300-400 g) likely acts as a thermal mass that prolongs survival in exposed areas; for example, relatively small specimens of Rhinodrilus priollii and other worm species were often found desiccated on dirt roads, while large specimens were not.
It has extensive habitats of sand and gravel sediments, which are dominated by annelid worms, clams and crustaceans.
We collected 22 taxa (10 species & 12 taxa identified to genus or family) of invertebrates, including one isopod, 1 decapod, 4 pelecypods, 1 gastropod, 1 leech, 1 annelid, I triclad, 5 dipterans, 2 odonates, 2 coleopterans, 2 hemipterans, and 1 megalopteran.