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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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Three things to note particularly here: first, that this potential (primer 1 + primer 2) product creates a copy of the opposite template strand flanking the potential SNP; second, if the 3' nucleotide of primer 1 does not anneal to the template, ligation does not occur (at least, not at any significant rate); and third, the 3' end of primer 2 ends in a sequence chosen specifically to not anneal to the template; this is to avoid this 3' end being involved in any additional, unwanted ligation reactions.
7), remains more or less constant as long as the anneal temperature does not exceed 375 K.
Production of these parts requires an anneal between almost every forming operation.
SEMATECH today announced that Poongsan, a leading producer of annealing furnaces, has joined its Front End Processes (FEP) program, and will work with SEMATECH to explore high-pressure anneal (HPA) techniques for silicon and non-silicon channel materials to improve device performance and reliability for next-generation technologies.
Like PCR, however, this pairing is driven by sequence homology, and if the correct matching target sequence is not present, the T7-tagged primer will not successfully anneal.
the leader in rapid thermal processing (RTP), today announced its new Applied Vantage([R]) Astra([TM]) millisecond anneal system, an important breakthrough in transistor fabrication that enables faster, lower power consumption devices.
Slip-free results have been observed at high temperature nitrogen gas anneals on the Aviza furnaces equipped with the SiFusion wafer carriers.
Flash Anneal System Will be Used for Ultra-Shallow Junction Development through 45 nm and Below Technology Nodes
In addition to its industry leading DPN plasma nitridation chamber, the system features the Radiance RTP chamber for gate oxidation and post-nitridation anneal, as well as the Polygen LPCVD chamber for poly electrode deposition.
The repeat order signifies the growing demand for Axcelis' hot-wall RTP technology in 300mm manufacturing, especially for challenging spike anneals and low-temperature advanced silicide formation applications in the production of advanced transistors.
Yield Engineering Systems' YES-450PBX4-300 fully-automated 300mm system will be designed for high temperature cure of polyimide or BCB and copper anneals.
This gives both logic and memory device makers the ability to cover the full array of advanced thermal processing applications, including anneals for ultra shallow junctions, dry and wet oxidation, silicides, shallow trench isolation (STI) oxides, copper, and high- and low-k dielectrics.
The 3000 is the industry's only RTP tool capable of spike anneals with ramp rates over 300 degrees Celsius/second, along with ramp-down rates of more than 80 degrees Celsius/second.