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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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Three things to note particularly here: first, that this potential (primer 1 + primer 2) product creates a copy of the opposite template strand flanking the potential SNP; second, if the 3' nucleotide of primer 1 does not anneal to the template, ligation does not occur (at least, not at any significant rate); and third, the 3' end of primer 2 ends in a sequence chosen specifically to not anneal to the template; this is to avoid this 3' end being involved in any additional, unwanted ligation reactions.
In order for these specific primers to anneal, the template material must be single-stranded (ssDNA).
If these exist, the high concentration of primers aids in their displacing the SSBs and creating an annealed primer-template substrate which now recruits in the DNA polymerase.
3.2 are illustrated by means of the specimen annealed at 350 K.
Additionally the VB-V size coefficients for the specimens annealed at 375 K and 500 K are shown.
If a power failure occurs while the furnace is near its upper temperature limit of 2,500F and the outage continues, $100,000 worth of heating elements inside the furnace could be lost, as well as any parts under-going the anneal. They added a diaphragm pump that, during a power failure, will use nitrogen to operate the closed-loop water system, and it can function for hours.
Hudson also monitors time and temperature readings for each annealed batch, per customer and internal quality requirements.
Like PCR, however, this pairing is driven by sequence homology, and if the correct matching target sequence is not present, the T7-tagged primer will not successfully anneal.
Like a standard DNA polymerase, it creates a nascent growing strand in the 5' to 3' direction, and it must start from a pre-existing, annealed, 3'-OH of a primer sequence.
It can be seen that the annealed samples consist of a hard magnetic [Nd.sub.2][Fe.sub.14]B phase and soft magnetic [alpha]-Fe phase and TiC phase have precipitated as well as the hard and soft magnetic phases.
TABLE 1: Magnetic properties of annealed ribbon at different annealing temperature for 10 minutes.
A poly(styrene-butyl acrylate) model latex was coated as an aqueous suspension, quickly frozen, then freeze-dried, and annealed under well-controlled bone-dry, i.e., water-free.
In step three, this freeze-dried coating was annealed in the Emitech system at one or another temperature for a chosen time.