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hardening something by heat treatment


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Poongsan's proven expertise in high-pressure annealing processes will complement our own device and process expertise.
All annealing operations were performed in vacuum environment.
Downsides of TMA include that it is challenging to amplify and detect double-stranded DNA targets, as their double-stranded nature precludes the initial primer annealing step needed to start the process.
Thus, the aim of this paper is to study how the annealing of CIS-based structures with deposited layers of different polymers affects photovoltaic properties of these structures.
Successions of annealing temperatures and times were chosen to follow on the freeze-drying.
Products include annealing ovens (stress relief) for injection and blow molded parts for PC and other materials, heaters for preheating plastic prior to thermoforming, dry or cure heaters and ovens for plastic adhesive set-up or bonding, and plastics-related heat processing.
makes induction systems for the European steel industry for heating slabs and sheets for rolling, as well as galvanneal, galvanize and tin reflow; for drying and polymerization of coatings; and for annealing.
Bringing the annealing process in-house eliminates several production steps.
Annealing experiments were used to determine the phase diagrams of the blends.
The "butterfly' is actually a beneficialdefect that Ueda found had formed during the high-temperature annealing of crystalline silicon in the processing of wafers to make chips.
The Vantage Astra system is now TSMC's tool of record for NiSi annealing in our 28nm logic processes.
It should be heat treated as per following Standards ( a ) Forging Temp in Deg C : 1050 850 ( b ) Annealing Temp in Deg C : 750 770 ( c ) Hardening Temp in Deg C : 780 - 820 ( d ) Quenching Medium : Oil ( e ) Tempering Temp in Deg C : 180 - 250 ( f ) Working Hardness Rockwell C : 60 - 62 ( g ) Brinell Hardness Annealed : Tensile Strength in Annealed 65 - 76 It shall be fabricated as per the drawing .
In addition, the structure and properties of the composites prepared by thermal annealing were investigated to develop appropriate post processing of the CFFRCs for fast production and lowering the processing cost as illustrated in Fig.
The method itself is simple and builds on the concepts of nucleic acid structure, strand denaturation and annealing, and DNA polymerase activity as covered in previous installments of this series.