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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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D-Wave, on its part, says that it will stick with quantum annealers to make its quantum computers, and has argued that other methods are still theoretical.
In addition, we are making other upgrades that include a new marking system, steel coil leveler, weld stand, flying cutoff, and seam annealers. Construction of the new facility will begin before the end of this year and will be completed in late 2014.
The hot area also has a "glory hole" (reheating chamber) used in the process of shaping the glass and two annealers in which the objects can slowly cool.
Two furnaces melt glass, and there are five crucibles in which it is kept molten, and an equal number of annealers, in which the finished work is cooled down gently to prevent cracking.
FD Machinery's complete product line includes slitters, entry equipment, cut-offs, automated bundlers, hydro testers, seam annealers, and end finishing equipment.