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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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The evolutions of the trans-content in the annealed simultaneously and sequentially stretched samples are shown in Fig.
Crystallite size increased with annealing more in films deposited by one deposition cycle than by multiple depositions; for the series annealed at 460[degrees]C from 130 to 163 [Angstrom] for the one-deposition-cycle CdS/SnS films and from 130 to 143 [Angstrom] for the three-deposition-cycle ZnS/SnS films.
The films were studied under as-deposited and 200C and 300C annealed conditions.
We will not discuss the equipment in this article, it should only be mentioned that it has already been tested and, in addition to this, all the specimens used in the present investigations were annealed in this furnace.
On the material annealed at 700[degrees]C/60 min an increase of ultimate strength by about 29% and yield strength by about 96% was obtained.
The two most common categories of wire on the market are black annealed and galvanized wire.
Flying glass can be lethal, especially the annealed and heat strengthened glass that is built into the skin of New York City buildings.
Though the furnace won't maintain its proper temperature, it will save the elements and the parts will survive to be annealed at a later time.
Samples of quartz, microcline, and albite in five silt-size ranges were annealed at 250[degrees]C and then dosed with 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 mrads of radiation from a Cobalt-60 source (total samples).
Based on research findings applicable to this study, samples were annealed at 150[degrees]C [17, 18].