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bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling

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The nonannealed and annealed PDO tensile bars were placed in the PBS solution at 37[degrees]C in an incubator for 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months.
The stress near the interface of the specimens annealed at temperatures of 200,250, and 300[degrees]C was 66,61, and 63 MPa, respectively.
It clearly appeared that the oxygen content increased with rising annealing temperature, and the oxygen contents of fibres annealed under simulated atmosphere were higher than those in fibres annealed in dry air.
Figure 3 shows Tauc's plot of [([alpha]h[nu]).sup.1/2] versus photon energy h[nu] for as-deposited film and films annealed at 400 and 500[degrees]C.
The monoclinic phase is the preferred assignment over tetragonal phase for in situ annealed films because the former gave a better match for all weak reflections in the following ranges of XRD pattern: 25-27[degrees], 30.7-38.7[degrees], and 49-59[degrees] (Figure 3).
This is consistent with our own findings for pure ITO thin films which have been grown and annealed at different temperatures [19].
Comparing the samples with n-Si/PEDOT:PSS structures annealed at different temperatures, it could be found that the sample with the 190[degrees]C annealing temperature shows a relatively larger reflectance compared to the sample with a relatively low annealing temperature such as 160[degrees]C for the wavelength range from 500 nm to 800 nm.
To further determine the phases, the representative XRD pattern of the [Ni.sub.4.88][Mn.sub.27.2][Ga.sub.24] thin film annealed at 823 K for 1 hour is depicted in Figure 1.
All annealed films clearly show peaks at 31.60[degrees], 26.5[degrees], 22.6[degrees], 38.9[degrees], and 45.3[degrees] corresponding to the (040), (120), (110), (131), and (150) planes of the orthorhombic phase of the herzenbergite SnS structure, respectively (see the standard database card 01-0728499).
The dielectric constant increases from 6.75 to 125 as the films are annealed at 200C and 300C with low dielectric loss of 0.00277
ZnO and [Mg.sub.0.3][Zn.sub.0.7] O films were grown on sapphire substrate using a DC sputtering technique, and were post annealed under both Ar and [O.sub.2] gas atmospheres.
If these exist, the high concentration of primers aids in their displacing the SSBs and creating an annealed primer-template substrate which now recruits in the DNA polymerase.
The deposited thin films were annealed from 400[degrees]C to 600[degrees]C in air to obtain the crystalline film.
[8] experimentally have shown that Pt/Ti as bottom electrode is effective to reduce the curvature of the wafer after the PZT thin film deposition and prevent the PZT thin film cracking while annealed by rapid thermal annealing.