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a historian who writes annals

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Annalistic evidence is occasionally built on and speculation ensues: The battle of Tara fought between Amlaib Cuaran, king of Dublin, and the aforementioned Mael Sechnaill, may have commenced "perhaps even as the king of Meath [Mael Sechnaill] was being inaugurated as high-king" (51).
Each clip (video, act, story, etc.) has its own URL and can therefore be, for instance, shared in social networks or queried using the application programming interface (API) written by Stanton and accessible on the website (Circus Oz, 2014); furthermore, within the Living Archive itself, users can make, annotate and share collections of clips, so that curated views of aspects of the circus's history can be constructed as what I call 'annalistic' accounts.
Although the second volume of Scherer's book was written in a cursive, annalistic style, devoid of analysis, it did make use of Ukrainian sources, much of it being a simple paraphrase of the Korotkyi opys Malorosii, and gave the west European public its first relatively comprehensive picture of Mazepa's entire career.
Striving to write "philosophical" history which took up big themes, paying much attention to story and style, avoiding laborious and annalistic history, and jettisoning much of the traditional scholarly apparatus, such as extensive citation of sources in footnotes or elsewhere, in his various historical works he described many of the most important people and events of his own time, or, at least, of the times immediately preceding him.
Many of the titles presented in sections 1 ('Works in the annalistic pattern') and 2 ('Official and private historical compilations in general') also contain information on Southeast Asia and the borderlands of southern China, but these texts are more difficult to access.
The topics discussed include Christianity and paganism in Adam of Bremen's narrative, the creation of an Icelandic Christian identity in Islendingabok, Gallus Anonymus' narrative about Poland and its rulers, Christian identity in the Chronicle of the Czechs by Cosmas of Prague, and Christian identity in the early Novgorodian annalistic writing.
If we were to take Aristotle literally, the only kind of historical writing he would recognize as such would be the kind of annalistic historical writings practiced in his own times ...
By contrast, the essays by Elizabethanne Boran on the motivation of Dudley Loftus in assembling an annalistic history of the English in Ireland in the late seventeenth century, by the late A.
(2.) So Ricoeur (1990, 206-25) suggests that even ostensibly "eventless" stories (such as annalistic histories) nevertheless include "quasi-plots" involving "quasi-events" and "quasi-characters." See Liveley and Salzman-Mitchell 2008, 1-13.
The published manuscript has the form of an annalistic chronicle divided into eight parts, each part subdivided by topics, which the editor calls "chapters"--873 in all.
With the exception of the rigorous annalistic kind of historiography, the preferred solution is usually the successive narration of more or less completed events relying on the help of previews and flashbacks.