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a historian who writes annals

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Rather, its origins lie in one of the annalistic histories written under the Flavians, when, with the benefit of hindsight, the actions of a junior senator, who was to rise to the highest position, assumed greater significance.
This is clearly shown by the distribution and relative incidence of the phenomenon in the different text types in the corpus: in annalistic and narrative texts, in which a clear temporal sequencing and specification of the participants in the action is needed, the incidence of split subjects was much higher than in rest of the works.
31) Its style is something of a modified annalistic compilation: arranged chronologically, it is primarily a catalogue of facts (trustworthy or not) concerned with the actions of great men.
Given its lack of order, structure, and resolution, the "crude" annalistic nature of the Roth Horowitz presentation seemed irresponsible to some visitors and critics; evidently when the exhibition's subject is lawlessness--or arguably a law of misrule--this form of presentation may seem to compound or condone the events it represents.
After the Restoration they were more commonly seen in annalistic terms, heralding particular important events in the ongoing march of human history.
163-4), presumably because the author accepts the annalistic reference to the battle with which the tale is concerned as historical, whereas a later narrative pertaining to Cormac mac Cuilennain who fell in another battle referred to in the chronicles is deemed best suited to the `Appendices' (pp.
In Part One, works by Edgeworth, Galt, Owenson, Smollett, Scott, and many other novelists weave among annalistic histories, travels, and agricultural surveys.
If, on the other hand, we now look back from a perspective that seeks inspiration from a rereading and rewriting of traditional narrative forms and styles, then clearly the annalistic structure and picaresque qualities of al-Hakim's Yawmiyyat na'ib fi al-aryaf (Diaries of a Public Prosecutor in the Provinces, 1937) come to assume a more central role (quite apart from the fact that, in my view, it is a much better novel).
I have a catalogue in front of me, published by Grant Books, of Droitwich, which acquaints us with 284 golf books and I gave up counting the number of them that are annalistic studies or are based on the most cordial reminiscence.
Deqing's annalistic autobiography (cited as nianpu hereafter), Fuzheng [?
As in many places, the practice of keeping chronicles arrived in Ireland with Christianity, and those that over a long period contain an entry for each year during most of their range are called annalistic chronicles, or annals.
Is the meteor shower merely an annalistic record, or is the writer magnifying earthly by heavenly incident?
Chronicles shared the qualities of providential explanation, annalistic structure, and the avoidance of continuous narrative.
In a parallel study, Joanna Story assigns responsibility for several annalistic works to him.