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a historian who writes annals

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This is the single deed for which the annalist criticizes him.
Although the "Cynewulf and Cyneheard" annalist appears to make no explicit judgment about Cynewulf's visit to Merton, and most critics argue that he wished his audience to come away with a positive opinion of Cynewulf,(37) the king has disrupted the bonds of homosociality at Merton.
In the end-frame, the annalist reports that both men were descended from Cerdic: "hiera ryhtfaederencyn gaeb to Cerdice" [their direct paternal descent goes (back) to Cerdic].
Isidore's) discloses his methods as a church historian, which were fundamentally shaped by the annalist tradition fostered by the founder of St.
Freud highlights the importance for the annalist to be watchful of their unconscious contents, for bigger comprehension of the patient's psychic functioning (13).
In awarding Naipaul the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001, the Swedish Academy named him "Conrad's heir as the annalist of the destinies of empires in the moral sense: what they do to human beings.
My 1933 Oxford Universal Dictionary defines historian as "a writer or author of a history, especially as distinguished from the simple annalist or compiler.
bg/2011/" target="_blank"> the assessment by an international jury, headed by the world's leading annalist of the PR markets Paul Holmes.
Dispersion as cross-sectional correlation," Financial Annalist Journal, January/February, pp.
This seems an improvement over both the earlier interpretation and the reanalysis of Plummer and Earle, and Dickins, since the context tells against the supposition that the annalist means that everyone robbed his neighbor.
IMC-Jordan also focused on granting international certificates, such as the Certified Management Consultant (CMC), the Certified Manager (CM), and the Certified Valuation Annalist (CVA).
Though founded in 1929, Annalist thought and practice did not reach and influence US historians until the mid-1960s.
The former was a seventeenth-century native annalist who recorded epic histories in nahuatl so that subsequent generations of Nahuas would know of their glorious past.
The Annalist or the copyist of the Annual Letter, writing on August 15, would naturally have said "today," even if he didn't mention the feasts; moreover, we should conclude that, after writing about this first cross at his p.