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a historian who writes annals

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Isidore's) discloses his methods as a church historian, which were fundamentally shaped by the annalist tradition fostered by the founder of St.
One of the most important was the concept of T ransference (Ubertragung), presented in 1895 (10), which designates the fact that the patient transfers to the annalist feelings they have or had related to other people in their life.
into a mere annalist of brilliant fictions." The distinction here between essayist and annalist is not based on the stereotypical prejudice against novels as catalysts to sybaritic vices.
If over and myhte are regarded as two words, the last few words of the sentence should perhaps be interpreted instead to mean "and everyone else who, in addition, could [be robbed]." This seems an improvement over both the earlier interpretation and the reanalysis of Plummer and Earle, and Dickins, since the context tells against the supposition that the annalist means that everyone robbed his neighbor.
IMC-Jordan also focused on granting international certificates, such as the Certified Management Consultant (CMC), the Certified Manager (CM), and the Certified Valuation Annalist (CVA).
Godinho's feast of Our Lady's Assumption: for, if both de Andrada and Godhino speak of the same cross as the first, why does Godhino writing on August 16, not speak of"yesterday?" The Annalist or the copyist of the Annual Letter, writing on August 15, would naturally have said "today," even if he didn't mention the feasts; moreover, we should conclude that, after writing about this first cross at his p.
(5) The annalist typically wrote the year at the top of each page, placed a vertical column for the names of months and days (both Gregorian and Hijri or Islamic dating) along one side of the page, thus making horizontal spaces for entries.
--, 1913-1925, The Annalist: A Magazine of Finance, Commerce, and Economics, New York, various issues.
An early Annals interest in a variety of "discourses" and in the project of creating inventories of what several of Rublack's authors refer to as the "repertoire[s] of explanation" (Lindemann, 136) for the "stories" (279) told by and available to early modern men and women can be found in the work of Annalist Lucien Febvre, for example, in his complex book on Rabelais (The Problem of Unbelief in the Sixteenth Century: The Religion of Rabelais, originally 1942; now also in Beatrice Gottlieb's translation, [Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1982]), and thus not just in Michel Foucault's somewhat later articulations (even though several of the Annals scholars have admitted the influence of Foucault's early work).
Florence of Worcester was a careful annalist of his time and surroundings and, when he died in 1118, John of Worcester continued his work in equally careful detail up to 1131 before adding more material at a later date up until 1140.
2.9 and 59), so that his testimony carries some weight.(10) The statement is thus not easily explained away as based not on the Twelve Tables but rather on annalist accounts or some later redaction of the Twelve Tables.(11) Nevertheless his previous statement about the regnal period indicates caution and the assertion itself seems overstated, a possibility that even one who is inclined to view Cicero's position here as essentially correct allows:(12) so inclusive a right of provocatio never existed?.(13) Sometimes cited in this connexion is Lex XII 9.2: de capite civis nisi per maximum comitiatum ...
Charles Knight (1838) echoes Sidney's The Defence of Poesy, claiming that the dramatist must transcend dull facts, the 'tedious narratives of the annalist' for a higher truth.