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Synonyms for ankylosis

abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of a joint


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Caption: Figure 2: Preoperative CT-Coronal section showing ankylotic mass extending till medial aspect and obliteration of joint spaces bilaterally
Inadequate exposure of the TMJ region for not to know on the adjacent structures (Facial nerve, carotid, jugular and maxillary vessels) often leads to insufficient removal of the ankylotic bone, thus leading to a recurrence of the problem.
The writing resolves nothing but threatens our own reductive desires, desires for efficiency and property in knowledge, our aversion to acknowledging too much of what we know: it disturbs the promise of the sign to solve the problem of living, which is a strategy of ankylotic thinking, after all, with its aim to keep the encounter and the conversation from ever really moving.
cardiac pacemaker, claustrophobia, large patient size, degenerative or ankylotic conditions or senile dementia) were excluded from the study because of the impossibility of their co-operation, as were patients with severe clinical conditions requiring urgent therapeutic intervention.
Detection of osteoprotegerin and TNF-alpha mRNA in ankylotic stapes footplates in connection with measles virus positivity.
The 31-year-old Scottish player turned professional in 1991 and beat Alan McManus to win the LG Cup in 2002 but has been fighting ankylotic spondylitis for five years.