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abnormal adhesion and rigidity of the bones of a joint


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When a non-extraction approach is indicated, but there is potential for progressive ankylosis, and/or loss of root structure of the primary molar, the primary molar(s) should be extracted and the space proportioned for future prosthetic replacement as shown in Figure 7.
Class III includes ankylosis of the particular articulation.
Reimplantation may successfully save the tooth though inflammatory resorption followed by ankylosis which is always a potential complication.
The main risk following avulsions and root fractures are: pulpal or periodontal (PDL) necrosis, root ankylosis and resorption [Andreasen et al.
Ring D, Jupiter JB: Operative release of ankylosis of the elbow due to heterotopic ossification: surgical technique.
It not only provides bony fusion and ankylosis but also provides stability and freedom from pain.
The condition is called bilateral temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis.
When there are no PDL remnants and root contamination is under control, replacement resorption and ankylosis are the best results followed.
2 Ankylosis, partial loss of jaws, lips and cheeks are among the complications along with impairment of speech and mastication.
The possible sequlae of delayed replantation could be necrosis, replacement resorption, and ankylosis or infraocclusion.
The bird regained function of the femorotibiotarsal joint for 3 months after surgery, allowing sufficient time for the bird to establish a physiologic perching angle so that ankylosis occurred to maintain functionality of the leg as a unit.
Tooth ankylosis in deciduous teeth of children with cleft lip and/or palate.
6% dental specialists said Trauma, Inflammation, Neoplasia were common causes for Temporomandibular Joint ankylosis.