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Synonyms for ankylose

produce ankylosis by surgery

undergo ankylosis

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Non-rigid immobilization is the ideal device due to its passive, atraumatic and flexible features, which allows a certain functional movement, and thus a functional arrangement of the periodontal ligament fibers, reducing the risk of external resorption and ankyloses (2, 10, 17, 37, 44, 47-49).
including synovitis, dactylitis, ankyloses, enthesitis, and arthritis mutilans.
With time and the progressive worsening of the disease, these bony projections will fuse and resultant ankyloses will occur [5,6].
Peut-etre que l'histoire d'amour n'etait qu'un pretexte pour justement raconter la societe, les ankyloses de la tradition, certains archaismes.
In three cases, the injury was initially unrecognized; two developed a painless bony ankyloses and one was scheduled for hemiarthroplasty.
Destructive changes in the hips are slowly progressive and associated with marked deformity of the femoral head before the development of ankyloses. Hip disease in AS is a marker of more severe disease in adults.
have divided resorptions according to the causative factor, including pulpitis, periodontitis, orthodontic treatment, trauma, pressure and ankyloses [4].
anastomoses, ankyloses, asbestoses, anthropomorphoses [OED+Web3],