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produce ankylosis by surgery

undergo ankylosis

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According the monolateral external fixator application principles, four Schanz screws were inserted into the subtrochanteric region; four Schanz screws were under the pseudoarthrosis site; four Schanz screws were below the planned second osteotomy line for lengthening perpendicular to mechanic axis; and the last two Schanz screws were inserted below the knee joint which was already ankylosed in order to increase stability by increasing the lever arm (Figure 2(a)).
However, scissor bite was the least common malocclusion in this study as in Maltese [38] population while in Brazilian population [17] ankylosed deciduous teeth were the least common trait.
Small and ankylosed limbs of the fetus were loosely attached to the trunk.
reported that all the teeth stored in a dry circumstances for more than one hour have been ankylosed.
Ankylosed primary molars: Results and treatment recommendat, ons from an eight-year longitudinal study, PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY 1980, The American Academy of Pedodontics Vol.
Tooth impaction can originate from numerous localized etiological factors, including ectopic tooth development or eruption, thick mucosal or bony barriers, premature apical closure, unfavorable tooth rotation, altered eruption sequence, premature loss of a deciduous tooth, retained or ankylosed deciduous teeth, presence of supernumerary teeth or a cyst, insufficient space in the dental arch, or as a sequelae of oral trauma [2].
The possibility of UR1 being ankylosed or needed to be extracted during the surgery both discussed with the patient previously and agreed up on, then informed consent was signed by the parents.
Orthodontic and surgical treatment of a patient with an ankylosed temporomandibular joint.
In 1956, Ilizarov observed new bone formation with a distraction space while correcting an ankylosed knee flexion deformity by open osteotomy, distraction with an external fixator, and bone grafting.
It is so due to the higher probability for the presence of ankylosed segments in this age layer, what favors twists and luxations of the adjacent segments (5).
CBCT confirmed the tooth was ankylosed, with severe infra-occlusion and significant replacement resorption indicating a poor long-term prognosis (Figure 6c).
Ankylosed teeth as abutments for maxillary protraction: a case report.
This edition has new sections on soft tissue injuries associated with dental trauma, how decoronation of ankylosed anterior teeth in adolescents can preserve the alveolar process for later implant placement, and identifying predictors for pulpal and periodontal ligament healing complications as well as for tooth loss.
Longmire and Sanford used similar techniques to lengthen the mandible but found that the temporomandibular joint became ankylosed (11).
He devised the cup arthroplasty operation for the hip, especially for severe osteoarthritis but also to restore movement to the ankylosed hip joint.