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Synonyms for ankylose

produce ankylosis by surgery

undergo ankylosis

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Luxation to free ankylosed permanent teeth has been attempted with limited success [Krakowiak, 1978] and as such is not generally recommended.
Total elbow replacement for the management of the ankylosed or fused elbow.
However, if the root surface area is [greater than or equal to]20%, the ankylosed tooth is definitely embedded in the alveolar bone as a result of direct bone attachment to the dentine (2, 10).
In general, horizontally impacted or ankylosed canines are the most difficult to manage and have the poorest prognosis.
Implant placement in contact with ankylosed root fragments: a series of five case reports: case report," Clinical Oral Implants Research, vol.
Due to lack of PDL, ankylosed teeth and implants cannot undergo OTM, which depict best PDL's key role in transmitting the mechanical stimulus and initiating the process of bone remodelling [1, 53].
Before the fracture, the left hip was almost immovable, ankylosed in fixed external rotation.
If autogenous grafts fail to incorporate into the host bone, fail to grow, grow horizontally rather than vertically, or more commonly become ankylosed; under these circumstances, the patient basically becomes disabled--unable to eat foods because they cannot open their mouths wide enough.
6x-y) has a recurved tooth about 0.5 mm high, with weak lateral ridges towards the apex, ankylosed to a broken base about 0.2 mm deep.
At last clinical follow-up, his hip and knee remained ankylosed but were no longer painful or inflamed.
(19) To illustrate the impact of this analysis on the ultimate rating, assume the specialist fused, or ankylosed, the injured worker at the L5-S1 vertebral level with a measurement of zero degrees on the flexion and extension planes; the injured worker's rating, therefore, is calculated using the table on page 10 of the guides.
Treatment of replacement resorption by intentional replantation, resection of the ankylosed sites, and emdogain--results of a 6-year survey.
Decoronation for the management of an ankylosed young permanent tooth.
Fink (1981) classified several pleuronectiform species as having Type 2 teeth (tooth not fully ankylosed to the bone, but with a small area of unmineralized collagen at its base), both in their jaws and on their pharyngeal tooth plates.