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having the back covered with thick bony plates

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Researchers were expecting it to have smooth bony armor on its skull like other North American ankylosaurs, but were surprised to find evidence that it instead had spiky armor on its head and snout, similar to fossils found in Asia.
Ankylosaurs are generally like walking tanks covered in spikes and equipped with a large bony club at the end of its tail.
The new-found "ankylosaur skeleton had four horns on the skull, one behind and one under each eye.
And what was that ankylosaur's tail club really for?
Victoria Arbour visited dinosaur fossil collections from Alberta to the UK, examining skull armour and comparing those head details with other features of the fossilized ankylosaur, a family of squat, armour plated, plant eaters, remains.
Highlights include life-size models of an Albedosaurus, a Lambeosaurus, and a sea cow, fleshed out on one side and skeletonized on the other; a Megalodon shark (the most accurate depiction ever created of this creature, which is the world's largest known predator); an Ankylosaur, based on fossil evidence discovered in the region (the most complete dinosaur fossil ever found in California); an arliculated walrus in one of the biggest free-standing cases known to be in any museum; a giant sloth; a swooping Pterodactyl with a 23-foot wingspan; and a floor-to-ceiling "fossil aquarium" with a huge mural--by world-famous paleoartist William Stout--sewing as a backdrop, depicting all of the animals that lived in the ocean during the Pliocene Age.
Although some preliminary works indicated the possible presence of ankylosaur remains (Ortega et al., 2008), the presence of thyreophorans is not certain at Lo Hueco.
"Canadian Club," an ankylosaur, took 36 percent of the votes cast.
A Mini Dig Kit ($2.50) comes with a dinosaur model (T-rex, raptor, ceratosaurus, galliminus, ankylosaur, or triceratops) encased in an egg-shaped block and a plastic scraping tool to free it for play or display.
One was identified as an ankylosaur, or club-tailed armoured dinosaur, and the other as a nodosaur.
These remains have been assigned to the ankylosaur Struthiosaurus on the basis of features observed in the lower jaw, synsacrum, pelvis, and dermal armour (Pereda Suberbiola et al., 1995; Garcia and Pereda Suberbiola, 2003).
Amateur and professional paleontologists on a dig in Colorado last summer found the specimen in 142-million-year-old rocks from the late Jurassic period, making it the oldest known ankylosaur in North America, says excavation leader James Kirkland, who announced the discovery this week.
After conversations with Josep Montane and revision of the MNCN collections, we could claim that this latter locality probably yielded the ankylosaur bones reported by Escaso et al.
(2014): Metatetrapous valdensis Nopcsa, 1923 and the presence of ankylosaur tracks (Dinosauria: Thyreophora) in the Berriasian (Early Cretaceous) of northwestern Germany.