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an elephant goad with a sharp spike and a hook

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They were glad to get to the light of day once more; and when they were back in their own Jungle and Mowgli made the ankus glitter in the morning light, he was almost as pleased as though he had found a bunch of new flowers to stick in his hair.
Mowgli told him all his adventures from beginning to end, and Bagheera sniffed at the ankus between whiles.
He was getting a little tired of the weight of the ankus.
The ankus flew sparkling, and buried itself point down thirty yards away, between the trees.
Close to the fire, and blazing in the sunshine, lay the ruby-and-turquoise ankus.
This"--he handled the ankus gingerly--"goes back to the Father of Cobras.
Two nights later, as the White Cobra sat mourning in the darkness of the vault, ashamed, and robbed, and alone, the turquoise ankus whirled through the hole in the wall, and clashed on the floor of golden coins.
Merriam Webster's definition of an ankus is "an elephant goad used in India having a sharp spike and hook and resembling a short-handled boat hook.
Interestingly, the Arts of the Islamic World auction on Wednesday at Sotheby's, London, will be spearheaded by a group of 28 lots relating to India, including an 18th century gilt- metal ankus in the form of an ibex and tiger, estimated at Au 30,000.
The PETA official sent to check on Sunder watched open-mouthed in disbelief as his teenage handler repeatedly beat the animal with his hooked metal spike, known as an ankus.