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an elephant goad with a sharp spike and a hook

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Close to the fire, and blazing in the sunshine, lay the ruby-and-turquoise ankus.
This"--he handled the ankus gingerly--"goes back to the Father of Cobras.
Two nights later, as the White Cobra sat mourning in the darkness of the vault, ashamed, and robbed, and alone, the turquoise ankus whirled through the hole in the wall, and clashed on the floor of golden coins.
Flyweight boxer Kavinder Singh Bisht will lead the Indian charge against Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans while much is expected from Ankus Dahiya in the light weight class and Duryodhan Singh Negi in the Welter weight category.
One chilling story is Kipling's tale "The King's Ankus," from the Second Jungle Book, in which Mowgli and Bagheera, each following the prints of murdering bandits, discover crimes committed for greed when thieves fall out (238).
Abscess should be incised at ventral border to establish drainage (Fowler and Mikota, 2006) Mechanical injury from sharp objects like the ankus pierced by mahouts or pieces of wood and cut injuries from chains are the most common causes of skin wounds (Burman et al, 2013)
Merriam Webster's definition of an ankus is "an elephant goad used in India having a sharp spike and hook and resembling a short-handled boat hook.
Interestingly, the Arts of the Islamic World auction on Wednesday at Sotheby's, London, will be spearheaded by a group of 28 lots relating to India, including an 18th century gilt- metal ankus in the form of an ibex and tiger, estimated at Au 30,000.
The PETA official sent to check on Sunder watched open-mouthed in disbelief as his teenage handler repeatedly beat the animal with his hooked metal spike, known as an ankus.
There's no way to control an elephant without an ankus," and the Animal Welfare Act doesn't prohibit it, he explained.
The biggest challenge for Feld Entertainment's "positive reinforcement" campaign was the ubiquitous bullhook or ankus.
Ankus, where a court upheld a seizure of contraband pelts found on a cart without discussing the legality of the search.
But not to Lucy Ankus the heroine of this detail-rich historical novel.
The performances of the participants with AD, like those reported by Ankus and Quarrington (1972) and Burgess et al.
The actress' letter came after PETA's discovery that Sunder was abused by his handler, who jabbed him in the right eye with an ankus (a sharp, hooked metal weapon), confined him to chains with sharp spikes and kept him alone inside a dark shed.